Offseason Swing Speed Training for Golf

4 easy golf drills that will increase your swing speed this offseason because who doesn't want more distance!

In this episode of Fix my Fault, our friends @FredrikandHannah break down 4 great golf drills you can do from home this offseason that are sure to give you a swing speed boost.

Speed training for golf is a hot topic right now, with all sorts of information out there, and we understand it can get confusing at times, so we wanted to provide 4 simple drills that you can do from anywhere with no club to help you start improving your swing speed!

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4 thoughts on “Offseason Swing Speed Training for Golf

  1. You don't push off the back foot! It's physically impossible to push forward with a foot that is in front of your hip. Please stop saying this! What actually happens is you're pushing backward with the front foot in a shear force on the ground not vertically and that's what turns you through the ball. Also, swinging for the fences is dangerous. I know a guy who injured himself speed training and now he can't even play.

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