Old vs New Golf Clubs | Golf Irons Technology Test

The difference between old vs new golf clubs is night and day. Golf club manufacturers have put millions of dollars into research and innovation to provide golfers with better equipment that delivers improved performance.

When you compare golf clubs that are decades apart in age, the difference is even starker. In this video, 2nd Swing's Thomas Campbell and Skylar Kistler test an old set of women's blade irons from the clearance rack against Skylar's gamer irons, the PXG 0211. Plus, Thomas also throws in a hybrid, another example of how golf clubs have evolved in the last several decades.

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22 thoughts on “Old vs New Golf Clubs | Golf Irons Technology Test

  1. I have a Arnold Palmer putter dated very very old date on it I would like to sell it what do you think something like that is worth it’s 85 maybe more years old in good condition Arnold Palmer gave it to someone in my family and before the person died I ended up with it please give me an idea and where I could get a price for it I want to sell it.

  2. There isn't that much difference if you compare clubs with the same loft and shaft length.
    I agree that heads are generally smaller on vintage clubs but that's just a matter of what you're used to and can be quickly adapted to.
    I strongly believe that playing blades will make you a better golfer if you're prepared to practice, modern clubs hide our swing faults so we're less inclined to correct them. Hitting a blade requires a good contact so we concentrate more on the shot with better results for our game.

  3. Cool video! Good job guys!
    I recently did a video comparing a 73 Hogan Apex blade to the Ping G425 cavity back. I actually compared the 6 Iron Hogan to the Ping 8 Iron. The lofts were within 1 degree. I hit the Hogan a little further. It’s a fun test for sure! Feel free to watch the video on my channel and give me your thoughts. Would be cool to get your perspective!

  4. I am 61 and started golfing at 10 I played with clubs like that or worse. Last year I was fitted in to Callaway Maverick irons. Not at 2nd swing.
    Love the feeling of them when I make good contact but have never had so much trouble finding center of face.

  5. A couple months ago, a friend of mine had an OLD Golden Bear 5 iron. It looked like a knife blade. I was hitting that about the same distance and my new PXG 0331P 8 iron. I have to say…that Golden Bear felt SO soft when you hit the sweet spot. But boy, mis-hits where horrible both in distance and feel.

  6. Enjoyed the comparison. My son has talked me into getting back into golf. Was never a great player, played a dozen times a year way back. Very much winter here so I’ve been working on an exercise program. Intend on taking lessons with old clubs before going in for a fitting. Presently using my old clubs bought in late 80’s. Wilson killer whale with graphite shafts. Looking forward to testing new technology…:)

  7. I don't think the lofts on the 3 clubs are same. Neither is the length of the shafts. I also observed tremendous enthusiasm when she was hitting her irons that was absent with the American Lady golf club.. This test is fundamentally flawed!

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