1. I found a set of lefty clubs at the tip shop for $20. Driver, 3W, 3-PW Iron, 60 degree wedge and a putter. Only just starting to play, so they're more than adequate for now.

  2. This channel irks me with highlighting the fact people who don’t golf will start buying equipment good golfers could use, but will instead be hoarded by clowns who don’t care about golf

  3. I remember way back when the rocketbladez came out and I was out bid on them for about 549 I think?? Now there 94 Bucs. I’ll try them now lol

  4. Putter Prices are a fucking Scam Scotty Camerons are so damn over priced im a 5 hcp for 18 and use a 15$ putter that i dont even remember the brand and putt just fine

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