Paige Spiranac Takes Golf To The Streets | 2017


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Paige Spiranac Gets A Hole-In-One, Shows Off Golf Skills In Aruba | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
Paige Spiranac Embraces Her Strength & Confidence In Emotional Shoot | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
Golf star and influencer, Paige Spiranac, takes her empowering SI Swimsuit debut to the next level in this sexy Aruba photoshoot.
Watch all the videos of Paige Spiranac from the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. See Paige Spiranac in Aruba.
Paige Spiranac Photos, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018
Golf Star Paige Spiranac Takes It Off, Makes A Splash In Aruba

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Justin 1 says:

Peculiar way to make a sandwich


lets see a video of her making a sandwich

Trump Phenom says:

The left thumb is not Ms. Sparanic

steve perry says:

besides being a gorgeous athletic women she has a great golf swing action. i wish i could swing like that.

ben anderson says:

Michelle Wie is for the incel white males. The alpha white males get Page Spiranac.

Donkeehote Go says:

I thought this was one of the try-on haul videos.

Joel Elliot says:

I have a long stroke also.

Samuel T says:

What golf ?
I'm sorry… I was distracted.
It's fairly obvious that Paige knows exactly how much talent she has, and how to use it.

Paul Rollins says:

She knows what she's doing and wore the clothes to show her gifts off. Period.

Lance Finger says:

She got a nice ass

Molon Labe says:

I want her to use my driver and i mean wear it out

Larry Johnston says:

Yeah, I have to apologize but you are absolutely stunning. Freakin sexy girl. Thank you. You are definitely a real life "Barbie Doll" playing golf. I dont believe the made one of those.

LettuceWin says:

Nice thumbnail

John Francis Kennedy says:

I think she has cornered the market in golf porn, in a good way, well done Paige xx

D. Boyd says:

I don't watch men's or women's golf so I didn't know who she was…but OMG. She is stunning and obviously smart enough to use all of her assets to stand out in a competitive field. Hope she starts to win though.

Thomàs Bradley says:


Philip Vaughn says:

WTF is she doing in Arizona. Come to Florida and find you a Blue Hair to exploit down here.

Markus Patients says:

I don't like her dip but I sure like them hips and the way she makes that turn and if I were gay I'd surely make that flip…?
She has a great form.

riccardo estavans says:

Best waggler in golf. Gotta love her waggle.

bruce ob says:

Joking apart., she seems to open her legs at the top of her backswing. Is this the 'magic move'. Thought I could hear lips smacking as well, but could have been my imagination.

Kain J says:

Hmmm i wonder what she's selling

Subtle B3ast says:

“Takes golf to the streets.” Clearly playing on a course. Oddly enough, I’m stroking my shaft while watching this.?

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