Perfect Your Swing Plane With This Easy Drill

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Steve Pratt and Jerry Crowell, PGA show you how the correct pivot combined with posture creates the perfect swing plane in your golf swing automatically.

The Mike Austin pivot allows the arms to follow the turn of the shoulders for more consistent ball striking.

You can fix your swing plane and straighten your club path and hit laser like golf shots by practicing this exercise every day!

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Jacob R says:

Planeswing solves all of this. Then you can just practice feels and master the feedback yourself. This is a cool concept.

Bullwhip says:

That's exactly the opposite of what Mike Dunaway taught (see your "Mike Dunaway on Supple Quickness, Golf Swing Sequence, and More Drills")

Donal Mooney says:

"Mike is such a genius" You guys are not far behind so much trouble to help us thank you a great video explaining what I needed to know it's a very big thank you from me to you and Jerry such patience

Black Light says:

Mike did turn his shoulders. Hands stay on plane.

John Musachia says:

I have not heard back from you on my question about coaching Point 6 showing Mike Dunaway and the hula hoop, please help, I’m confused.

Ben green says:

That was an eye opener ~ Fan of Mike A as to how good he hit even into his senior years ~ the famous drive at 64 years ~ great explanation and you got a new subscriber……???

Matt Virgo says:

This is fasinating. MAlakes me think about the "bad" swings (modern idelogy) that I make that have great results and that I suspect those swings more inline with Mike Austens ideas.

pistolpete65over says: Hmmmm…Looks like Mr. Watts had a similar idea…and prop…in place in 2014! Nonetheless, it is a powerful prop and works quite well to help ingrain that downswing motion and plane.

steve perry says:

i just called my wife who is out shopping to pick up a hula hoop at the store.

François DARMON says:

Waow ! I’am over looking Mike Austin’s videos since 2008 and I am just realizing seeing this video why I never was able to perform an effortless and consistent swing !! Truth hurts. But I hereby want to thank you guys for this terrific explanation. Sincere congratulations from Paris. Keep on !

John Musachia says:

There seems to be a contradiction in the video coaching points#6 rotary swing. It’s seems to be showing the swing braking the axis of the wheel. Please explain.

steve perry says:

the use of the hula hoop that way is an eye opener. the wrong way you can really see it and if the other way if it works looks like a great action. i've looked at the mike austin videos but could not do his motion but this might help, really simplifies the idea. i gotta try this. thnx, steve.

Curtis Miller says:

Does this contradict what Mike Dunaway was showing in his Rotating Plane video? (the one where it's only him). The video with Dunaway and Austin seems like what you are explaining here. I've picked up so much more speed with this method. It's crazy!

Marko Alakylmänen says:

not first time shown

Brian K says:

What are your thoughts on Mr. Dunaway's interpretation of plane with a hula hoop in a previous video you posted?

John Musachia says:

I’m headed to Walmart to get my hula hoop!

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