Personal Milestones: How to Drive A Golf Ball 200+ Yards

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While the title may seem a bit underwhelming, there are many golfers out there who struggle to reach the 200 yard barrier with their drives.

In this video I discuss all the prerequisites you'll need to start consistently driving over 200 yards and reach more greens in regulation strokes.

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Linda Bowden says:

Why would u need 2 see his face has nothing to do with instruction

Joe Apice says:

Finally someone who can address the problems of senior golfers. Thank you Steve. Keep it up

Joe Apice says:

If I may ask, what kind of golf ball are you using?

Ben Jonson says:

Are you talking carry or carry and roll for 200 yards?

stanmans says:

Need to get yourself in a better position so the shadows don’t block you out. Can’t even see your face

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