Phil Mickelson 63 (2016 Open Championship)

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Phil Mickelson shoots 63 in the opening round of the 2016 Open Championship, held at Royal Troon Golf Club.


rm1133 says:

I love his conversation w/ Rog at the very end. Phil says “that was for the….” and doesn’t even say it and Rog replies “I know I know, what do you think we’ve been talking about for the last half hour!” Great stuff. Phil is such the “every man” in so many ways. Classic round.

l good says:

Phil is not left-handed. He has great talents.

Paul Hobbs says:

awesome round

nice meme says:

2016? this looks like it was filmed during ww2.

johnny G says:


frank muller says:

Amazing round,like norman 1992.

Jake Carlisle says:

why does it skip

80s And Stuff says:

you shoukd do highlights of 16 open 14 pga and 10 us open

80s And Stuff says:

Phil should have won by at least 10 he played that well….

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