Phil Mickelson Hits Flop Shot Over Roger Cleveland

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R.D. says:

It’d have been hilarious if the ball hit him in the nose while at the same time the wedge clocked him right in the fuckin balls lmao

Sebastian Andersson says:

Meh.. Was more impressed when you drove into the hospitality area twice in a row. Thats pure skill!

Hack to Scratch golf says:

I would’ve hit him right in his nuts

Jonathan Albright says:

I tried this today and it worked like a charm

Corek BleedingHollow says:

DOn'r TrY ThIS aT HoME!!

Patsy Catsy says:

Don't worry Roger, I blinked as well. ⛳

gamejr84 says:

Stinger off the nutsack.

Jacobus Stefanus van der Vyver says:

Bet he shit his pants just not saying it

jowest17 says:

A brave man…..

BEASTMODE123850 says:

Imagine if he hit him XD.

AJ E says:

Wow balls of steel!

Tom Jenoski says:

98.5% chance I'd skull this into his mcnuggets

SEAN CHEW'S VIDEO scooter says:


SEAN CHEW'S VIDEO scooter says:

At 0:47 when Phil Mickelson swings the clubs, the club almost hot Roger Cleveland.

William Hirst says:

Anyone can stand on front of me whilst I do this. I can do it everytime without hitting anyone. The ball will thin straight through the legs 100% every time

Marek Lukačík says:

i tried this and ripped my friend`s balls, ty!

Scott Shields says:

Green screened.

Hammer1216 says:

How is the set up?

thecoolestdad says:

The guy is good, no doubt about that. Oh by the way did I say that I am a lefty? Sure I did……….

Richard Lewis says:

Instructions weren't clear enough. I was arrested for manslaughter 🙁

rs cosworth says:

great shot I'd hit him with the ball and club

Koksum Toh says:

real pressure shot!!!

TheNYgolfer says:

Notice how he actually hit that shot 2 inches fat! That's the beauty of knowing how to use the bounce of the club

Chris Peterich says:

Was this staged ? And a camera trick ?

Michael Wells says:

check out my flop shot over a child

davidshi123 says:

How funny would it be if the ball popped over his head but the wedge whacked him on the chin in the follow through.

PkGam says:

I… don't think I'd be brave enough to let Phil hit a shot like that over me, ha ha! I mean Phil is an amazing and consistent short game shot maker, but mistakes happen. Awesome shot though!

R P says:

lets see tiger do this right now

Sunil Modi says:

What a demo!!!!

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