The Fat Guy Golf – Odyssey Putter Review

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My new putter! You guys have been asking me to get a mallet putter so here it is. Bought this at Play it Again Sports for $50. Refused to spend $200 on a putter when I'm a bad golfer. Maybe if I could fix my stroke it would be worth it.

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Walker Jackson says:

You’re standing farther from the ball on some putts than you are on others. I noticed it bc sometimes your putter isn’t sitting flat on the green. The heel of the putter is resting on the green and the toe is way up in the air. Maybe try resting the putter on the green before taking your grip?

jason king says:

Greens are slow because they were rolled not cut
And yes your hitting all your putts on the toe

j_horton says:

Spend the MOST money on the putter and a proper fitting, you hit it more than any other club

The Sprint says:


Paul Bozek says:

I used to be a teaching pro assistant. Something I notice, mind you this is just fundamental stuff, you stroke way to fast. Relax a little, also I can easily tell from these videos you always pick up your head to early on. What I mean by this is that when you make a putting stroke the first thing you do after you hit is watch the ball with your eyes, because of this your hands try to keep up with your eyes and it results in pulled strokes which you had several.

Literally keep your head down, watch Justin Thomas putt. He does not even move his head for the first three seconds after a putt, it keeps everything stable. I find also a confidence boost, why watch the ball roll if I know I have it lined up perfectly.

Bob Josefson says:

Looks like you try to steer your puts, get a super stroke grip, do the gate drill and try the pop stroke and try different ball positions, I have to play mine close to my front foot

Cory Hutchison says:

GET A SUPERSTROKE GRIP! you'll have a much softer feel

ssjadam says:

You’re putting spin on all your putts. Outside in pushing it and then adding spin like crazy. It’s no surprise you’re missing all these putts

Barnstable Commons says:

My daughter (13) is just now taking up golf, and we watch your channel together. I like how you describe each shot, good and bad, on every hole. It helps her better understand the process of golf. Also, she thinks you're hilarious.

In The Rough says:

When we going to play, lets do Eagle Creek in Norwalk

Full Throttle MX says:

Tighten up ur arms stand closer and don’t take the putter back as far so the face stays straight so u can sink some birdie putts.

Steve Philipp says:

I think your eyes are too close to your body. You're head needs to be right over top of the ball.This is why I think you are putting off the toe. I'm 6'3" and shortened my putter to 33" to get my eyes on top of the ball. Love your videos. You are so brave.

ThatOtherGamer Taylor says:

Yes! I have that exact putter and it helps so much. Good pick

Matt Barker says:

Alignment sticks.

Titus Cooke says:

A drill that would help you hit in the center would be to put tees on either side of your putter and practice putting without hitting either of the tees. If the heel of your putter hits the tee closer to you then the ball will come of the toe.

James Byrne says:

Gates drill

Richards Aquarium says:

just tey to keep the puttwr flat keep the stroke nice and smooth

Tyler Heberer says:

Try a hockey stick. Could be your lucky charm!

Alan Barnett says:

You’re putting with your hands and wrist instead of your shoulders. Don’t bend your wrist.

Andrew Ramsay says:

YOU NEED TO CUT A HALF INCH OFF YOUR PUTTER, you'll feel like you went from wearing handcuffs to being free (more room down there)

Joseph Baldwin says:

You should also get a bigger grip like a superstroke one. I did and it really helped me with my consistency and helped me keep the putter stable through the stroke.

kee530motox says:

Have the bad boy bent more flat. Inconsistent setup to ball sometime you have the toe way up others it’s more flat. It’ll be tough to be consistent with that much difference

Life of Hunter and gentry says:

Hit the ball harder if your leaving them short

Christopher Belanger says:

Change nothing but lining up with the ball on the heel of your putter… its your swing stroke thats making you toe it…

Joshua Richcreek says:

Enjoying the channel. Keep up the good work.

Bill Billy says:

I started spreading my legs wider when i stand over the ball. Its helping me hit my spot more constantly on the greens

Jeremy Knight says:

When you address the ball, make sure to use your hands to keep the toe down. Your best putts came when the putter was sitting as it should. The biggest thing…practice. Make it a priority to spend time practicing your putting. It seems as if you are playing a lot of rounds. The best way to drop scores or get better in any one area is to spend time at the range or putting green. There is no substitute for repetitions. Maybe try substituting 1 round per week for a practice session? The gate drill would be perfect to help with your off center hits. Place two tees down, slightly wider than the width of the putter and hit putts through the gate.

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