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Charlie Moua says:

I have this club now. G425 Max. VERY forgiving club, excellent sweet spot feel and sound, and ball flies off the face FAST!

Dave Rome says:

Sorry but that steel shaft looks horrible on that beautiful Ping…

Mark Courts says:

Hi Mark I have the Ping G410 driver do you think there is any major differences between the G410 and G425? ⛳️❓

Brian Mc Farland says:

Have had the G400 for a few years, was dubious about changing to G425, got fitted a couple of weeks ago and although did not find much of a difference on trackman but on the course find it to be very forgiving, I quite like the sound and appearance.
Definitely worth the upgrade in my opinion ⛳

Kourt says:

How can it be low in ball speed but high in effeciency?

Lindsay Newell says:

I really wanted G425 max based on reviews. Went and tested it vs Epic and Sim2 max and fitter also suggested TSi2 after seeing me warm up with my old Cleveland Launcher. I struggled with 425 max – whether it was the heavy head and counterbalanced shaft or something else, best hits didn't go as far as Sim2 max but nothing came close to the consistency of TSi2 (Tensei blue 55S). Been gaming it for almost 6 months now and still love it. The shaft and 9* head combo (turned up to 10.5 with neutral sleeve setting) just produces consistently good strikes and baby draws with my swing. Get fitted and buy what works for you.

ThisisPW says:

Odd sound but oh does it go, with great reliability, subject to swing of course.

Alexander Fleischmann says:

Got it a week ago, super happy so far!

Matt Roughton says:

I love my G425

Papa Shuk says:

The 410 impacted my game more than any single equipment change I have ever made. It’s rare that I don’t have an approach shot and it allowed me to focus on other parts of my game and not scrambling after my drives. The 410 and my hoofer are the only 2 Ping items I own.

Barry Emery says:

Seriously thinking about this driver, however, when I am playing well, I don’t think that the G425 would be much better than my G400 Max, I think I’ll wait and see what Ping comes out with next.


low spin model?

erock1070 says:

Didn’t the same video come out like a week ago? How is this a review? It’s like 30 seconds

Kyle B says:

Was fitted last week for it. Really love it.

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