Play Augusta In 1934 – The Masters Historic Edition

For the first time EVER, experience Augusta National Golf Club as it was in 1934 when it played host to the very first Masters Tournament! Relive history on March 26th! Pre-Order Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 here:

23 thoughts on “Play Augusta In 1934 – The Masters Historic Edition

  1. I don’t think the gameplay has been too bad; I think the presentation and
    “feel” of the game is what needs improvement. And I’ve heard that EA Sports
    has overhauled the presentation system for improvement, so hopefully it
    will be good.

  2. also comes with: tweed jackets and ties, gutta balls, wooded woods, and
    your colored caddies repairing your divots, pay them 5 cents per hour, make
    em lick your balls clean (golf balls); classic augusta syle, just the way
    the chairman and the deep south would’ve wanted it;

  3. This would be the full game in the sepia and with the old clothes and the
    gentle clapping and no whooping if the English made this game making it the
    ultimate gentlemens game

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