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Rory McIlroy joins Brandel Chamblee on the course to share his thoughts, strategies, and overall course management in this 2 part series. In Part 1, Rory goes in depth with how to position yourself off the tee on a par 5 to attack the pin or have the easiest lay up. He also talks how to be pinpoint accurate with approach wedges and the art of freeing your mind to make putts. Plus, he shows how to assess risk when faced with trouble shots in the trees.

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19 thoughts on “Playing Lessons with Rory McIlroy | GolfPass

  1. I think Rory should shut his mouth, get away from the cameras, and attempt to be the best golfer instead of acting like the best golfer while his game is falling apart.

  2. Brandle Chamblee has done some things that have been seen as controversial or negative by most people, they can be seen as annoying or even as selfish and inconsiderate, making them unlikable to many people. Rory being Rory talk talk talk bla bla bla no weight but keep wearing your pastel colors yikes.

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