Tommy Fleetwood Golf Swing Short Iron (down-the-line & FO) Sky Sports British Masters, October 2018.

Tommy Fleetwood golf swing with a short-Iron (down-the-line and face-on views) – second shot from the fairway on the Par 5 11th hole of 529 yards and the Par 4 13th hole at the Sky Sports British Masters 2018. Walton Heath Golf Club, (Surrey), pro-am day (Wednesday 10th October) 2018.

High-speed video taken with Sony RX10 IV camera at 250 fps and a 1/3200 shutter speed.

25 thoughts on “Tommy Fleetwood Golf Swing Short Iron (down-the-line & FO) Sky Sports British Masters, October 2018.

  1. These are my favourite golf videos on YT. Have come to realise its much better to learn by studying these videos than watching the clickbait. I appreciate the work, Michael!

  2. Followed Tommy as an amateur in the Bristh Amature loosing in the final to Saxton and loosing in the semi final to Manasero what a technically sound golf swing I love the short cut off square release as opposed to the roll release I’m sure that is a major factor in his accuracy, rock on Tommy the green jacket awaits you.

  3. After years seeing this marvelous and bloody sport, I think that the main difference between professional players and amateurs it's about mobility. Their movement it's soooo stable and they got an excellent mobility. Even on Champions Tour, senior players keep their fundamentals and mobility really update.

  4. I have been actively playing for Seven years and gone through numerous lessons. Learning these golf swing secrets , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) allowed me to taken a 75 after a couple of buckets. I managed to become more accustomed to several golf ideas such as grip, ball position as well as through swing drills. My earlier handicap is 13, but now I`m beginning to lower it. It`s spectacular guide!.

  5. Great swing, great angle to see how he shallows the swing on the footage from rear, what a great Ball striker, come on Tommy, work on your putting and you'll be world number one..

  6. I used this video to copy into my swing with great success. Still in the work in progress thought. This video makes my swing possibly effortless so far. Thanks for great capture!

  7. When you see him in person you realize how HARD and FAR he hits it for his size. Tommy gets the most out of his effort, very efficient swing!!

  8. A short question: i'm an abslute beginner but i thought the lay up position with a short iron is exactly in the middle. Why is he laying it up like a long iron?

  9. Great share Michael. Best body/arms sequencing on Tour. In August 2015 Tommy invested at the recommendation of his coach Alan Thompson in a PlaneSWING. Bought it, just like DJ, Bryson and others. Didn't try to get a free one. Genuine guy. Check the stats prior to and from August 2015. He was close to missing his card at that point and his season turned around with no missed cuts leading to the win in Abu Dhabi & 2nd in Mexico.

  10. Fantastic video footage with perfect angles and slow motion for studying Tommy's superb swing. Thanks loads for posting this.

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