19 thoughts on “Ben Hogan Golf Swing

  1. Grip is essential Hogan's grip is what made him the best ball striker ever it is golf's best kept secret. Hand's working together.

  2. NO ONE ever talks about the fact he is way over parallel , aka john daly, that club almost hits im in the left hip!, gott have soft wrist for that.

  3. You just described what is in John Jacobs " Practical Golf " / David Lee " Gravity Golf " / George Knudsen " The Swing Motion " – said in the books in slightly different ways. In my Opinion
    David Lee said it best.

  4. I see and hear alot of ignorant comments, fundamentals,that's what Ben Hogan did,execute fundamentals,load,sit, release.
    You don't have to see the shot,Ben Hogan hit fairways and greens,at a rate never seen before or after.
    The reason Hogan won majors at the % he did be was because the more pressure you put on a good swing,the better it gets.
    Hogan played the last four years with no major veins in his legs,it took two hours to wrap his legs,he won 6 Majors during that stretch.
    Please don't mention Rory in the same sentence as Hogan, you'll remove all doubt

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