PurePoint Golf Video Lessons – Practice Your Weight Shift for the Full Swing

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FairwayJack says:

Interesting…is this “arms first” for the driver only? Irons and FW woods
being diferent?

bobgsearch says:

It appears to me that there are alot of different ways to start the
downswing, not just one. Maybe we (includes me) sometimes think there is
only one way to do something that is the “correct” way. I dont think thats

circask8team says:

silly crackers

Peter Smith says:

“From the top the arms swing first” and “Swing with feet together drill”
These two coaching gems have made a big impact on my game over the past few
weeks. Thanks HC14

theestrogenius says:

He’s trying to give a good tip about a wonderful drill for slicers. You
can’t deny that the feet together drill is very useful. Arguing semantics
doesn’t help hackers; drills help hackers.

Corby says:

arms dont “swing first” they are just a reaction of proper rotation on the
way back. first thing moving to the target should be your right hip.. and
that is actually moving towards the target on the backswing.

Evafan133 says:

There are indeed many different ways. The downswing is merely a chain of
reactions triggered by a technique performed by the person swinging,
whether it’s slightly shifting your weight, or starting with the hands

Brian Zwart says:

one of my instructors suggested putting the feet together like that… also
if you’re tall like me you have to hover over the ball more, getting into a
better stance.

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