Reverse the Loop 10X Super Simple Golf Way to End Your Slice Forever! PGA Pro Jess Frank

Reverse the Loop 10X Super Simple Golf Way to End Your Slice Forever!

The Jess Frank Golf Academy You Tube channel is dedicated to bringing as much value and high quality FREE content as possible to golfers all around the world. Jess has given over 15,000 golf lessons helping every level of student. Jess specializes in helping golfers reach their full potential. Jess’ wants to share his golf instruction experience and passion are reasons he wants you to play your best golf possible. He is sharing valuable golf techniques he has perfected in the “trenches” on the driving range. Jess’ extensive background and knowledge came from studying the best instructors and then molding his own philosophy on how to get the best out of every golf lesson he teaches.

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Simple Take-aways:
1. Contact
2. Power
3. Curve

If you have specific golf questions you would like me to go over, shoot me a comment below! For this and other awesome golf videos to help your game don't forget to subscribe! Jess Frank is a PGA Teaching Professional and Director of Instruction at the Jess Frank Golf Academy located at Deer Creek Golf Club in Deerfield Beach, Fl. Deer Creek Golf Club is a phenomenal Florida Golf Community.

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For over 20 years Jess has been helping beginner golfers, intermediate and low handicap golfers get immediate results in their golf games. Golf instruction and helping golfers love the game is Jess' passion.

He credits the following golf instructors who have help him along the way: Andy Plummer, Craig Harmon, Martin Hall, Kevin Batersby, Jim Flick, Bob Toski, Jim Hardy, Hank Haney, Barry Goldstein and countless others. He also continues to educate himself in the latest golf technology. Are you looking for a golf instructor who is patient? Reviews on Jess' Google My Business page talk about his greatest gift “PATIENCE.”

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11 thoughts on “Reverse the Loop 10X Super Simple Golf Way to End Your Slice Forever! PGA Pro Jess Frank

  1. Started to think of Sir Isaac Newton when thinking about a golf swing. For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction: third law. Aka if I whip the club inside I have to come out. If I take the club out I have to come in. Hit to the right to make go left. Hit to the left to make go back right. Hit down to make go up. I really think Isaac Newton would have won a major or 2

  2. I live in south Florida & was fortunate enough to get a lesson from Jess today. I’m a single digit handicap & he gave me very insightful & honest evaluation & instruction. If you are in the area, do yourself a favor and go see Jess.

  3. Why do so many instructors act like "flattening" is the same thing as "shallowing". I can swing WAY outside to inside and still shallow the shaft in the downswing. I can also swing WAY from the inside and be SUPER steep.

    This video is very informative yet feels incomplete.

    Just don't understand why it's treated like swinging from the inside is the same as shallowing.

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