The Famous ANTI-SLICE Drill WILL Fix Your Slice! #shorts

In today's Shorts, Shaun Webb is showing you a famous “Anti-Slice” Drill that has become a must-have golf swing drill for any player who's struggled with slicing the ball (which is all of us!)!

If you struggle with a steep over the top down swing, this drill will quickly remedy you to a proper golf swing path and get you hitting the ball straight again.

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11 thoughts on “The Famous ANTI-SLICE Drill WILL Fix Your Slice! #shorts

  1. Beat drill I’ve seen and done especially from a 64 year old that thought he couldn’t change … simple easy but don’t forget it before you swing lol !

  2. Dude…. I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my over the top / slice. You literally fixed it in the first 3 swings. Haven’t hit a draw in years. Thank you!!

  3. I love this feeling off the tee. Put the ball on the turf though and I’m too scared I’ll just bury the club into the earth ?. Needs some work for sure

  4. stealin my drills bitch?!….i slam that effn thing behind my right foot sometimes….the real problem is how the hands perceive the strike. Might want to mess around with that, the position that the hands initiate the "movement of the strike"….some say that's just auto or magic or you don't think about it. I say, most pro golfers and ams under the gun, it's the only thing you can think about.

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