Rory McIlroy Just ROASTED Greg Norman In A Recent Interview..

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Rory McIlroy Just ROASTED Greg Norman In A Recent Interview..

Welcome back to Golf District. Today on this channel, we are going to hear Rory McIlroy savage comments to Greg Norman + LIV Golf players in need of a great sleep. The LIV Golf Inventional Series just got started.

It rivals the start of the Canadian Open in Toronto, a PGA Tour-sanctioned event. As for the Canadian Open, Rory Mcllroy came out as the winner in a greatly contested event. After the win, Mcllroy said some choice words to Greg Norman of the opposing LIV Golf event. Watch this video now as we feature Rory McIlroy savage comments to Greg Norman + LIV Golf players in need of a great sleep

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Carl Sisler says:

Rory is far from the greatest golfer in the world

The Skittering Coyote says:

I enjoyed the…..54….. and will continue to support both the PGA and LIV….

capitanmarcos capitanmarcos says:

PGA is running scared. Announced today to do some 20 million dollars tournaments. Haha

jaketanner20001 says:

The players just should keep their mouth shut and just play golf where ever they want to play.

MagmaleE1 says:

Norman is laughing all the way to the bank. 😆 buhhahaha

Sid Hawkins says:

Royal ease up. You are going to have all the PGA events to yourself or maybe yourself and the "tiger". You should be able to beat him.

Ken W says:

Honestly, there's the majors, and then there's everything else. The PGA needs to reshape with equal money to the LIV, or not so slowly become more and more insignificant. The PGA has always been exhibition golf with trumped up drama. It's had a nice run, but it's time to change.


Who is this guy narrating, and why is he slamming LIV so hard?
Your bias is showing dude…

Don't be such a chump

Preston Bacchus says:

Some folks would say that even if LIV does not make it, as new leagues often fold, it will have still caused the PGA Tour to address issues relating to player compensation that it might not have had enough on the front burner before. But noticeably, PGA prize money is going up, before and after LIV was announced, and it will be even more now because of the LIV launch. In the end, after the Saudis realize that Greg has led them into an alligator den, they will come to their senses and sue for the right to hold a couple of big money WGC style events a year as a partner and sponsor with the PGA Tour. As opposed to Greg's old axe to start a new pro league to put the PGA out of business, something that most Americans would be appalled and even resentful about.

ta1nt says:

Great videos man. Not sure if you're doing the commentary yourself or paying someone on Fiver, either way, you're keeping me in the loop!

Sloe Bone says:

“Negative 17”?

That’s not what golfers say.

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