Rory McIlroy Sets U.S. Open Scoring Record in 2011: History Makers

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Rory McIlroy took advantage of a rain-softened Congressional Country Club in 2011 to shoot the lowest 72-hole score in U.S. Open history.

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Losing Money with r/wsb says:

Rory should bring back the black necklace.

Preston Peck says:

This has to be the best US open performance ever besides tiger at pebble. Unreal.

Joshua Blaha says:

Wtf was Shane McMahon doing there @44:00 😂😂

BreakingPar71 says:

Let’s go Rory!! Rooting for you 2022 US Open!!!

Sheldon Zhao says:

His swing 11 yrs ago looked so forceless and smooth. Nowadays his swing looks a bit "heavy".

Chris Hyne says:

@7:36 – Every time Rory hits a bomb and I try and comprehend how far it’s carried

Plumbus Smith says:

@44:04 is that Shane McMahon beside Rory's father?

Brad Watson says:

Walter Hagen was reincarnated as Rory. Can you see the connection? The timeline works. See Seal #7 of .

Mitch Conner says:

I miss Boomer calling golf lol back, back, back, back… Love it.

Matt shed says:

once he wins one more major I'm sure many will follow
love Rory but so frustrating to watch at times

Shane Pandit says:

7:45 the guy in the pink t-shirt

Fed Up says:

To hit that many really good golf shots over 4 days is incredible. That is the best golf I have ever seen from any player, ever.

Alex Shadowfax says:

I'm so used to tracers now it's strange watching without knowing where the ball is going right away, were very spoiled nowadays

Will Smith says:

why does every moment after he holes the put on 18 make me tear up?

Awequayz Ngs says:

Where were the greats like Anika strostom ? and Ochawa ? They should be after retirement, be sitting amongst the committee in the body of Golf organisations.

ABC golf says:

The only two people reporters have been so amazed to laugh at shots, Rory and Tiger.

Tom Covic says:

His swing was so fluent. No chasing distance and swing speed

Waingro says:

7:35 Anthony Michael Hall sighting

John Dwyer says:

2011 the commentators never stayed quiet about Rory not winning the us masters in Augusta..saying it was a disaster .there's something special about Rory .get that putting stroke back you'll win more Rory..your good enough

blair Stott says:

Go back to titleist, too many driver changes with Taylormade

American SantaCruz says:

I’ve never been a Rory fan but he destroyed this course. He did win me as a fan during that final round at Augusta 2022. Tee to green was impeccable at this US open.

Strat says:

Commentators are too quiet in the mix.

acousticreate says:

Crazy seeing this compared to now, lazer irons, solid putting, quick confident playing!


Who was better between Tiger in 2000 and Rory in 2011 US Open?
I think Rory was.

LiL Brussel Sprout says:

Anyone back here in 2022 after his Sunday 64?

VlNNYD says:

I miss Rory’s choker necklace ;(

Matt Golf and Fishing says:

I just came to get my Rory beads!!!

Garrett says:

The dude at 7:37 😂

Jason Wiercinski says:

This is probably the most fun he has ever had playing golf.

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