Rory McIlroy: LIV series is ripping golf further apart

Rory McIlroy says the controversy over players joining the LIV Golf Series will continue to fracture the game until agreements and compromises are reached.

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28 thoughts on “Rory McIlroy: LIV series is ripping golf further apart

  1. Look at the whole of golf. With Tiger the whole of golf receives more attention and money. With LIV the whole of Golf gets more money. How is this not good for professional golfers who have to make the cut to make any money. It is great.

  2. Rory will have to eat his words when the PGA Tour sponsors abandon the Tour to support LIV Golf players. In the real world, money talks.

  3. Rory sounds like Nick Sabin spewing competition over money while he gets paid millions by corporations to say it… Guy is a dirt bag!!!

  4. LIV made their schedule so players could play both tours. PGA just don’t want to see players value LIV more overtime because of the higher paychecks. Rory is basically the guy that beats up the dude who his gf cheated on him with instead of being mad at his gf. He’s blaming the wrong organization for this “divide”

  5. If it's good enough for the USA to sell arms to Saudi then FREE AGENCY is here to stay bottom line…These guys on the PGA are still on the plantation mentally and don't realize it speaking up for their Master Jay Monahan IV who will lose in court eventually.

  6. Its odd to me that the US sporting system is basically closed-shop franchises where everyone gets paid and no relegation. Yet the PGA are attacking LIV for offering franchise golf…

  7. Most of you guys making comments on here are idiots liv golf is not good for golf it’s an exhibition at best will never be anything more the way it is setup currently

  8. Rory stop being a drama queen and go back to bending your hat like a seven year old, no one is buying it, the same way no one bought your BOSE commercial.

  9. The PGA after comments over the last week have proved they believe they own golf. Furthermore if you look at all the Director’s across all Tours you’ll notice they are 98% White Males, proving further they are a White Male institution holding onto archaic 20th century ideals. Look at the Director of the Latin America Tour, a White Southern Female; it’s like the Board said we’ll appoint a Southerner, that as far south as we’ll go, they refused a Latino so they appointed a woman. The R&A even refused to appoint a Latino choosing a White Anglo Male as their representative to the LAT.
    JHC, people in America, Europe, Asia and Latin America need to wake up to the racism that is the good old white boys tour and Congress needs to investigate

  10. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.??

  11. Dear Sky Golf content Manager. I am sure I speak for the million of golf fans that are in total support of the independant contractor golfers who are choosing to play in the LIV Tour. We do not want to hear interviews from Rory or Justin, the PGA puppet poster boys.

  12. Are the PGA players getting paid for these LIV questions LoL? It seems every tournament now and every player. Move on stop talking about it. It's happened and you cant change it. It will succeed or fail on its own. Get off Rory's back. He's answered enough damn questions about LIV. Kudos to him for being so calm and patient.

  13. Rory is such a Hypocrite!!! Seriously!! What does he have to be disappointed about? Just play golf and stop talking to much BS!! He act like Phil and those guys owe him something for crying out loud!!?? People make tough decision in life, is their decisions not yours. Sound like he's butt hurt too than. Just cut with all the BS and just play golf. Just focus on winning not talking to much BS!!?
    If he were a better person he should say, sorry I can't comment on that I'm here to play golf and focusing on winning..simple as that. Not running his mouth so much.

  14. Everyone for they're own. The PGA tour is acting like a spoilt brat that had some of it's toys stolen. It s nice to see a new outlook it can only benefit the game, this talk about "ripping golf apart" is total cr@p!!

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