Best ROTATION DRILL for your Backswing and Downswing | It's super SIMPLE!

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Stop feeling like you're swinging AT the ball and start feeling like you're swinging THROUGH the ball. Use this drill to increase the rotation in both your backswing and downswing and started hitting the ball with more power with what will feel like less effort.

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Best ROTATION DRILL for your Backswing and Downswing | It's super SIMPLE!

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I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Best ROTATION DRILL for your Backswing and Downswing | It's super SIMPLE!


Sean eMac says:

You’re videos are always awesome! Thx for correcting my turn👍

Peter uwatch says:

Very good video Clay! Thank you! Timely for me.

Alexandre says:

the point you were making about it being in your mind’s eye is exactly what blind golfers have to do all the time! it’s so impressive! by the way, i saw this man just smashing these beautiful draws and fades at the range and he recommended me your channel! as someone who is rather new to the sport i appreciate your content

ptlump says:

Clay, I am a 67 year old golfer. I still have the flexibility to hit my drives 220-230, and I can hit a 7 iron 140. However, I'm having trouble with pulls with longer clubs. It feels like I'm throwing my right shoulder out instead of dropping it down. So instead of my downswing being "in to out" the clubhead is getting outside and I am pulling it back – thus the pull. (sometimes a pull hook) I suspect something else is causing me to do that so I've been working on my hips. I am able to turn my hips 45 degrees and my shoulders 90 degrees. But I can't figure out the downswing. Could my hip be in the way at the beginning of my downswing so I have nowhere to go except out? I saw one of your lessons today where you talk about delaying the hip and instead turning my knees (lower body) first. The first few times I tried it I hit the club into the dirt, but I will try it again tomorrow. Am I on the right track?

Dickon Kofahl says:

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Daniel Collins says:

Video'd his swing in slo mo. Guess what. He doesn't do what he teaches. No squat.

S L says:

I'm hitting drives around 270-290m but with a club almost 40° off horizontal – this will help reduce "muscling" and let rotation produce the results.

TheMydem0 says:

Fantastic drill you have there.. Now i understand that going into the slot and rotate body

a b says:

What's Tiger doing in the background!

Nice drill. Really helps

Hunter B says:

This is the best golf tip I have ever stumbled across! I’m brand new to golf and I struggle to generate power because I swing stiff, this has opened me up and I can definitely feel a huge difference. This is by far my favorite golf channel on YouTube

S L says:

The biomechanics demonstrated by Ballard surpass all other online instructors' work.

More to the point, they convey an more receptive recognition in any golfer; that is, they provide the shortest path to understanding, a sense & feel, then implementation into the technique.

I've listened to decades of teachers online and in videos.

Ballard's approach is the best and most crisp – there's no trying to impress with personality, just pressing in efficiency and effectiveness into each golfer's own swing and rhythm.

Peter S says:

Great work Clay. I'll buy you a beer if you someday come to Sweden. You provided me with a piece I have been missing. Thank you!

Dominic Meehan says:

Love this drill

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