Rory McIlroy Rushes to Beat the Darkness | 2014 PGA Championship

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See the exciting and unprecedented finish to the 2014 PGA Championship at Valhalla, where Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler raced to beat the darkness. is the official website and YouTube page of the PGA of America and has exclusive, original video around golf instruction and golf equipment, as well as PGA Championship, Ryder Cup and Senior PGA Championship highlights.


riporin says:

Having won round one on the course, the Darkness then challenged Rory to a sing-off, which he also won by surprising them with his own rendition of 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love'

Ms Sukarman says:

Yang Saya Lihat Disini. Para pemainnya nampak terburu2 Jalan nya. Seperti di kejar waktu

Bridger Wallin says:

The camera guy part caught me off guard

Doug says:

As an non golfer can someone explain this situation for me?

Pesty Knight says:

Tried to rush play to watch a boxing match right?? Lol. Go Rory. Take a jet plane to Vegas the night of.

Louie Grimes says:

Well now they are again at least on the pga tour crowds are back

DeCarlo Calloway says:

Handled that well. Respect.

weekend warrior prospecting says:

Shame you can't mute the crowd but you can mute the lot.

TJ G says:

By the title I was expecting Rory to be fighting Charlie Murphy.

Vincent Worton says:

How it feels when you have a fast twosome behind you πŸ˜‚

Path To Exile says:

lol "rushing" in golf is still a snail's pace.

Lucas Mulvehill says:

Phil’s too worried about his money

wjp_3 says:

@8:14 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Matt Carignan says:

Can’t believe this was 8 years ago , seems like yesterday

Sky Hedberg says:

Didn't know urban Meyer had second job as a caddy

Craig Moeller says:

Mickelson had a chance to show some sportsmanship but he seems to have been perturbed by that hole thing, too bad IMHO.

Larry Lund says:

I love how the officials mess with Phil.

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