Rory McIlroy Thursday Flash Interview 2022 RBC Canadian Open Speaks about LIV Golf

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Ron Richter says:

Say Rory how do you feel about the PGA tour destroying the Europeon Tour 25 years ago over money?

Ron Richter says:

So funny listening to players like Rory that are living off of hundreds of millions of endorsement money from companies like Nike with their chinese sweat shops, take shots at LIV players for taking their millions from questionable sources.

David Mather says:

Who is this Irishman to comment on what other players choose to do?! Who the heck does he think he is?! He's a PGA Stooge that's for sure! Rory's head is so far up Monahan's butt that he can't smell the truth from the PGA stench. LOL

Guns And Golf says:

Liv is dead

cdb broadfield says:

Why did Rory sign with Nike for the cash and Nike clothing is made by slave labourers. You don’t here the pga talk about that wonder why. $$$$$$

Douglas DeNunzio says:

Good luck Rory with everything.

mecq5978 says:

Why is the sound so shitty on all these videos ?

Steve Putland says:

The Canadian Government/ Justin Castro, have forced more tyranny on a free society than any other country in the past 2 years! 😡👎

Gary Lucas says:

Golf needs a shake up been boring for too long , Give it a year and Rory will playing the PGA tour with 50 others …

why do golfers talk to the golf ball says:

rory sold himself to nike

Ryan Callan says:

Rory has fomo. Oh dear 😳

Ryan Callan says:

Tiger was watching LIV today.

Dave Mastrippolito says:

I just turned off the golf channel off I didn't know it was a crime to play golf where you want what would McIlroy do what out all his Nike money

G III says:

The PGA Tour broke away from the PGA Tour of America in the late 60’s for larger purses!! This is simply history repeating itself. The PGA Tour isn’t the big boy anymore and trying to position itself as the “Conscience of golf” is hysterical.

Pa Casia says:

Tired of hearing from Rory all the time – he’s too young and naive to represent right now

Jaroslav says:

LP reacted d ryt way, she is need of over drama, or over consider ations. She don't deserve *considerationsx. Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ,, ജീവിതം തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു, പഠിക്കട്ടെ.

Baronarx V says:

"Say Rory, what do you say about Nike sweatshops, the PGA Tour destroying the major schedule for Fedex and PGA China, with China being the worst human rights perpetrator in the world?"

Rory: "I just do what my corporate masters tell me to do,"

Ryan McIlroy says:

Been watching some of Liv, what a load of bollocks.. the standard of golf is poor, the commentary is poor, the whole things doesn't sit well with anyone, if they were to admit it.. can't warm to it!!.. it's guys in the main, that no one is fussed about.. the team setup/ names etc.. it's all nonsense.. no cut… Play crap no worries plenty of cash!

สุนีย์ สงึมรัมย์ says:

Good luck Rory.

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