Rory McIlroy Tuesday Press Conference 2022 US Open Championship

Rory McIlroy Tuesday Press Conference 2022 US Open Championship © USGA

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21 thoughts on “Rory McIlroy Tuesday Press Conference 2022 US Open Championship

  1. the same Rory who was sued by Oakley when he dropped them for Nike. Then broke his contract with his management company to go to img. None of that was for money I am sure ?

  2. wow! refers to dirty money while wearing NIKE logos…maybe he should get a letter from some of the families of uyghurs enslaved in China

  3. That was great right off the bat, the reporter getting outwitted by Rory.
    'It''s dead in the water?! The US Open?… I don't think so.'
    And I'm Canadian, so congrats on winning the Canadian Open.
    I'm also the biggest Brooke Henderson fan in the world and….. she won too!
    When Brooke was 16 she had to Monday qualify for an LPGA tournament. Then won.
    By 8 shots. At 16.
    Only one other person besides Brooke has ever Monday qualified and won a pro tournament.
    By comparison some 12 people have shot 59.

  4. LIV is far from dead in the water, if anything it will draw the crowds now that DeChambeau has signed up, other big names will follow along with the big brand sponsors. I believe the 54-hole format is the way forward or even shorter, it makes every shot count for the full three days rather than make the cut and then make a push. I recall cricket going through a similar challenge to its format, the introduction of one-day and 20-over matches has been innovative compared to the three-day county matches.

  5. What a fine ambassador for the game of golf. It’s a shame Rory seems to have become the spokesman for the LIV thing, something I’m sure he doesn’t want and would rather live without, but what a superb diplomat..

  6. Rory is a class act. Interesting facts about the PGA and they enjoy (go figure) 501c3 tax exemption!
    The Tour only made direct charitable contributions of $42.7 million in 2018, which is a paltry 3% of their $1.47 billion in revenue. While the Tour publicly takes credit for $190 million in charity, that inflated number reflects the total given by the tour and the local non-profits that put on the tournaments.

  7. I have always been a big fan of Rory McIlroy and his accomplishments on the golf course in both the European and PGA Tours. The more I hear this young man speak, the more I gain respect for him off the course as well!! Kudos to you Mr McIlroy. You're a class act.

  8. What a mature perspective, talks straight, talks with respect for everyone else including those who have joined the LIV tour. His sense of legacy is great. Well done Rory! Unlike Brooks, he appreciated that the journalists wanted to talk about LIV and he answered everything and yet was able to focus on himself and his fellow PGA players!

  9. Appearance money is paid everywhere in the world except for one country. You must remember this. Greg Norman only played in Australia because he was paid to turn up. It is ok to be paid to turn up. And to turn on the players is disgraceful. Nicklaus built courses in Saudi Arabia, and he didn't do it for free. Let's just all calm down

  10. Nice to hear he has toned it down a little. I think the questions have to stop about LIV. Both tours are going to be just fine, it will all work out in the end.

  11. Rory, be careful of the interviewers. LIV is paying some of them too. LI V is dead in there water just like the World Football League. No difference. That why all the useless questions on LIV..

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