Rory Mcllroy Swing – The Perfect Release! – Craig Hanson Golf

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Rory Mcllroy Golf Swing – The Perfect Release! – Release like the Worlds Best Players with this remarkable Video! PGA Tour Players vs Club Golfers. This will Blow your mind! – Craig Hanson from World Class Golf Instruction shows you exactly how to release the club like the PGA Champions! A Must Watch! – Slow Motion Clips Included.

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Fenton Taylor says:

Craig, I am 68 and have been around a 10 handicap most of my life, mostly because I am a pretty good athlete. Like most golfers, I have struggled with consistancy, hitting it fat, thin, and coming out of posture. Recently I commented on one of your videos, asking whether the left hand or the right hand should be the most dominant. You responded that both hands were equal and neither was dominant. All my life I have tried to have either the right or the left be much more dominant. I also watched the above video about the release where the right hand and forearm rolls over the left. Well, I shot 79 at Wolf Creek yesterday which is a very difficult course and 78 today at Conestoga, both here in Mesquite Nevada. Had I made a few more easy putts, both scores would have been lower. I struck the ball so much better and was able to compress my irons and hit my driver flush and straight. Still have work to do, but really wanted to thank you for your advice. Thank you!!

LbutchJ says:

Great tip , I have been checking your videos out. They really have helped my game! Thank you!

harrywr says:

I’ve been playing about 4 years now. The last 2 years my swing looks poor and suffering with little improvement because I’ve been so paranoid about flipping it. I’ve been trying to keep a really passive club face and release through and after the ball and trying to just use body rotation.
Especially the look of the leading edge matching the spine angle in the release.
After watching this I feel like I’ve wasted 2 years as borderline none of the pros do it and they all let their hands go.

Looking forward to having better control on the ball, more lag and distance now after watching your videos

Pigeon Toe says:

6:35 is what your looking for

Scott Lewis says:

Great Video

Big E says:

very good used this method today and played well, but what about the other method ie just rotation no hand release is that any good? i'm near 70. so the rotation method seems a lot of effort?!

stevenolmstead says:

Hey Craig – really enjoyed this video. Considering that the downswing happens in just a fraction of a second, it seems that this cupping position of the lead wrist would need to happen much sooner in the downswing than simply incorporating this after impact? What would be a good feel for when this should start to happen? Thanks!

aging gracefully says:

Hi Craig. Great video. Really help me figure out what to do in my follow. Interesting by product of me doing this was that I was losing distance on my shots and my loft angle was getting higher. Any thoughts on that? phil

plentyofouts says:

Craig do you think that if you asked these amateurs to throw a ball sidearm and hard, they would have poor actions with that too? If you can’t throw athletically you’ve got next to no chance to sequence and swing a club well. Leading with elbow, trail wrist cranked back etc is the same in both motions. Can’t throw well, can’t golf well. And this is deep in someone’s kinetic sequencing. Tough to near impossible stuff to change.

정다운 says:

best of best

encinobalboa says:

Best compliment I can give is that I was able to apply your lesson immediately. The how to practice is the best I have seen and I have watched a lot. BTW, my club is now pointing down the fairway at the top of my back swing. Very cool. Well done and thanks.

Wobbly Bob says:

Love the vids Craig!
Finally someone illustrating what the top players do!

Joe Velte says:

How do you stop the club face from closing too fast when you do this? If i try this I always pull the ball.

조융래 says:

Does not it lead to the scooping at impact position?

Joe Velte says:

Does that apply to the driver swing as well? There wouldnt be shaft lean for the driver nor the cupping so I suspect there would be some differences.

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Mark Lucey says:

Thanks Craig, that was a really good video. I'd like to ask two things please (1) at 7:47 and 8:30 you refer to getting the grip in nice and "deep" and out the other side – could you clarify what you mean by this please and (2) I'm struggling to see how this move doesn't close the club face and keep the left side of the course in play. Thanks.

Sons of War says:

Would this cupping of the left wrist through impact cause any open face? I feel like I would send it right if I let my left wrist go from flat to cupped from pre impact parallel through post impact parallel. Any thoughts on this or ways to help me visualize this not sending me right?

Pedro Oliveros says:

Thanks for this video. You have a beautiful swing. When the trail arm was at parallel after impact, was the butt pointing to the target line or just beyond it? Before the top of your follow through did the butt ever point to the flag?

Dan McManus says:

Flushed it at the end! Great video. Nice easy instruction. Again

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