Rory McIlroy's Iron Swing in Slow Motion | TaylorMade Golf

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Chris Valle says:

He made it through the search hole 😮

Jack Tanner says:

Rory skipping leg day smh…

Jerry Pete says:

Rory's swing is the best in the business today. He worked on it for years with today's video feedback.

Zack F says:

The hanging draw. Rory might be the most talented golfer I've ever seen.

David Emerick says:

No flat left wrist #fullrelease

Steven Beasley says:

slow motion? That's mine in full speed!! haha

Bogey Fo Sho says:

So who is teaching the bowed wrist??

David Timmer says:

His legs look close together is that a normal or abnormal iron pro stance

Gregory Hodges says:

Did Rory join LIV with those shorts on?

Roy Close says:

Best swing on tour

SiLo Mixing and Mastering says:

Rory is wearing shorts so you know what that means #LIV

Alexander Sales says:

That was much better than mine at my home course

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