5 Tips To Hit Your Irons Pure And Straight

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5 Tips To Hit Your Irons Pure And Straight

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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17 thoughts on “5 Tips To Hit Your Irons Pure And Straight

  1. Basic fundamentals that the majority of mid to high handicap golfers need, if they want to improve. Also the basics better golfers need to return too when the wheels fall off.

  2. This is confusing step one talks about staying in posture and getting close the the ball and not falling out then 345 talk about your weight and center of balance falling away or staying behind the ball

  3. Hey Clay, just wanted to say thank you for all your video contents. I have learned my golf watching your videos in past 2 years. Happy to tell you that in recent times I started breaking 80 regularly. Thank you again. ??

  4. Until I purchased the recommended divot board, this video really didn’t click for me. Now that I’m getting instant feedback I can see immediately how fluid spine results in more consistent solid strikes. Normally I had perhaps 40% good ball strikes and the other 60% were either way forward or more often 6 inches behind the ball. After just 2 sessions I’m now getting 90%+ solid strikes. I’ve learned more valuable techniques here than all of my personal instructor lessons combined. Love these videos!

  5. Hello, for Thailand, I always watch videos of Clay Ballard and it helps me to improve my golf game. Great value for self-improved golfers. Thank you so much for your advice on all videos.

  6. Nice video.
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    This is how you snap hook it into the lake behind you. Theres not a single tour player that does this (Adam Scott used to) anymore, it's stack and tilt. Sure for short irons it's really good, but youre gonna hit driver left and dick high. This ought to be called stack and smother.

  8. Ahh! Just from the thumbnail whew dude get the club out of your back pocket. Lol you think that ever gets away from him? Yikes cough speith cough

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