Rory Mcilroy's Iron Swing Sequence-Slow Motion

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SY123 says:

I got a swing point

Sean Finneran says:

A thing of true beauty πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Sean Redmond says:

Disagree with others…Nice song to go with the vid pal. Thanks for sharing l:)

Alex Higgins says:

A perfectly tuned Robot πŸ€– swinging πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ However the big cat 🐈 is another level in creativity around the green's and wedge distance 🀟

wayne wentworth says:

The cut offs are so annoying, poor video

Just Golf says:

Thanks man i ove your breakdowns thank you definetly subscribed and hit like thanks.

Just Golf says:

hey every golf swing do you mind doing a rory mcilroy driver swing sequence im trying to really get his swing thank you.

Just Golf says:

dude i am mimicking his swing and i shot 80 so im proud

canefan17 says:

Can’t help but notice how quiet his lower body is in backswing.

Eric mark says:

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Pierronimo says:

Look how his right leg is never fully extended during his backswing. It stays flex as it's ready to push on the ground to provide power. Most amateurs who can't really turn during their backswing are completely straightening their right leg. Which is not only ugly, but source of lost of power.

LabGorilla says:

Definitely not a swing to replicate. Extremely inconsistent. Just about the only important thing is club face shut in takeaway

Sophie Branchi says:

how to make a beautiful swing unwatchable with a shocking production

T Key says:

Really bad choice of soundtrack but great video. Thank you.

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