Rory takes on the new 8th hole at Royal Portrush

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Marcos Ortiz says:

Sry about today! Bro, but it was just a bad start get it out of your system and get at it!!! Cheers Golf is not a game of perfect

Greg Gower says:

Doesn’t Rory have the course record on this course from when he was 16 years old? It is 61.

Matthew Ott says:

LMFAO, “It’s about 290 to the bunker so you wanna lay back with a long iron or 3 wood”- Rory The Goat …. my best drive going down a 60 mile an hour wind with a 100 yard bounce wouldn’t even make it to there ?

El Poundo says:

Mcilchoke will bottle it as per usual

Tony Egan says:

Looks like he has a new putter. Using a blade and not the spider.

K4rN1v00L says:

290 lay back with a long iron.. you serious?

SiLo Mixing and Mastering says:

Course looks amazing

Bob Continelli says:

Routing for Rory this week

p 28 says:

Needs the wind to behave.
He flights it so high.

Ted Waga says:

Play well Rory.

Eamon Balaam says:

Dont be surprised to see him lift the trophy this year

Bryan Begley says:

pros pro and a SUPER NICE GUY

GCHQ Mongs says:

Not a chance Rory.
But you can damn well be rest assured that SKY Sports Golf will be driveling bollocks about him all weekend.
May as well re-name the Open this year to the "Rory Mcilroy Show" That's if they can fit any actual golf in between the ads.

rhinos111 says:

I do wonder whether he's going to to try too much at Portrush. Shot selection is not the greatest at the best of times with Rory.

I do hope he's in contention. Tiger getting his 15th and Rory winning at Portrush would be a magical year for the sport.

Andrew Reid says:

I played this course last year and I can’t wait for this to start all the Irish lads should go well. Being a Belfast boy so proud of our wee country!!!

cm. CG says:

Everything Rory said, I would agree with

miker dee says:

go on big lad an knock yer self out

rasmustapir says:

Will there be any wind? Or it could be -15 to -20 again. Zzzz

xTH3_Finisher says:

Wouldn't even play the Irish open all about the cash for Rory McGregor the second

Aidan Griffiths says:

Casually decided to take the bunkers out of play with the wind behind. Bastard

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