Koepka's caddie's course guide | The 148th Open at Royal Portrush

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Glenn Light says:

This is my 12th time going to the Open and i have to say this was truly unbelievable the course the atmosphere at Royal Portrush was something i've never witnessed before even as an American this was something special, We leave Northern Ireland today with the best memories ever but we will definitely be coming back to this beautiful part of the world. it's a must visit folks. 10/10

Steve stevenson says:

This reporter is a tosser

Phillip Pettit says:

looks brutal?️‍♂️⛳
going to be great to watch

wkendhacker says:

you know you're on the right bag when you can wear a precious metal daytona.

Casting Stones says:

jackets, wet camera lens, and wind… it's going to be fun to watch.

Fly ingDutch says:

Adam Scott still missing putts

Brandon Tyler says:

Having a caddie who has home field advantage will def give brooks an edge over everyone (except rory he grew up playing Portrush)

Christian Sobczak says:

The video Tiger wanted

Kling Music says:

Must be why he ignored Tigers text, because of this video lol

daniel jones says:

thats the thickest 5 o'clock shadow in the world!! its now a 6 o'clock shadow

PaperBoy says:

That "fairway" / bowling lane on 16 is a nightmare.

Mrbigolnuts says:

Wet and cold.

luckybestwash says:

What is the R&A's obsession with OB? Everywhere you look it's OB.

gentle gentle says:

Yeah, cause that's what Koepka needs in addition to everything else: local knowledge. Eye roll.

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