Rory's guide to the new 7th hole at Royal Portrush

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kmck101 says:

Can't describe how refreshing it is to hear Rory need driver – 2 iron – 7iron into a hole.

Ronald Delmonico says:

Why is he wearing a sports bra underneath? Is he developing bitch tits?

Alastair Grant says:

2:19 sounded fat

Walter White. says:

You go and play all over the world…

Except your own Irish open.

Rory is a thoroughly dislikable prick

M L says:

Drive it 360, hit 5 iron 230.

Ed in Burgh says:

Fabulous looking golf course! Looking fwd to watching the next Open.

David MacGowan says:

What a stunning golf course. I learnt to play as a kid on a Links course (Bamburgh, in Northumberland) and I can remember the joy of playing near dunes and the sea. Good luck, Rory.

m kdrep says:

Good luck at the Open, Rory, from all your friends at Oak Hill!

Say What says:

Portrush is on the Atlantic.

Champion of Legends says:

Finally 60 years ago was the last time the open came to my country

Mark Rogers says:

Now that is a golf course!

Sham Gawd says:

all the greatest players grew up on the greatest golf course. Jack Nicklaus grew up at Scioto Country Club. A thinking course. Ohio also makes the best putters because they are the smoothest and the fastest. It makes you an artist on the greens.

tony cossey says:

how nailed on is Rory to win this one with the bookies ?

JonSadlierMusic says:

Nice sports bra Rory

Paul Goodier says:

7 iron so it is

Robert Kennedy says:

If the wind blows …this course will eat those golfers up

kbkesq says:

awesome what a life he’s leading.

Big A says:

Love Rory, that first putt was vintage…… 5 feet by

Tasker Matic says:

The body of water that sits of Portrush is the Atlantic Ocean. He’s been playing there for 20 years and thinks it’s the Irish Sea. Great golfer but beyond that Rory’s always tended to come across as being a bit of a plank.

John Clark says:

Gonna be a GREAT OPEN…. can't wait.⛳⛳⛳⛳?

Manwecaen says:

So … mouthwatering. Can't wait to visit Portrush next week and watch all this guys competing there. Would love to see Rory in the mix on Sunday 😉

Swede says:

Looks amazing good luck Rory

C K2 says:

He should have played in Lahinch at The Irish Open. No excuses. I bet he regrets it though he will never publicly admit it. Believe me it's cost him a lot of fans. If it's him and John Rahm out in the final grouping come Sunday, the Spaniard will have a lot of support.

JJ G says:

It is a beautiful site when you drive up and see it in the distance.

JJ G says:

Shouldn’t be messing with perfection.


590 yards just a tap then watch that spikey sea gorse stuff Rory ?

eagleone says:

1:23 did Rory top it??!?!?! :DD

Daniel V says:

0:45 dude are you wearing a bra? 😀 come on NIKE!

josmoore316 says:

so he was busy making this vid while the irish open was going on. lovely

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