Royal Portrush Course Preview | The Open Championship 2019 | Golfing World

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william bellamy says:

Ireland  and wales rock England sucks

Tv S says:

Help out a yank here, what's a Portrush?

James Smith says:

The sound editing at the beginning of this video is terrible. Can't hear anything over the (poorly chosen) rock music.

John Green says:

Thank you mr Phil.

John Green says:

Can anyone say if there is a world class links in Wales? It would only be right to host an open there, if there is. Especially now ulster is hosting . They have had a Ryder cup, but it was on the 20/10 course ,not a, links though.

David Hargreaves says:

So are they going to take the Open to Wales?…or the Southwest of England or the North East of England?…what about pumping money into those areas too?….why is Northern Ireland special?…is it because the establishment want a UNITED IRELAND by any chance….equality and diversity?…..our lovely European cousins are having their influence obviously…..

Sp!cyman says:

I fly out tomorrow ???

Noah Hirko says:

Wassup I love glf

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