Ryder Cup Golf 2008 Boo Weekley

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theapocalypze says:

@bhchargers fuck you noone cares

Z71MuddSlanger says:

You’re dumb as a rock; learn how to spell.

fosbury68 says:

He needs subtitles. Can’t understand a word he said.

scottyray12 says:

really hope he gets the capt’s pick. Our team needs some energy.

primetimer006 says:

boo is the best! my favorite!!!

matthew mg says:

what a fukin red neck… someone should tell this slack jawed joe that golf
is a gentlemans game not for the likes of him…

jbolin000 says:

Love this guy!

J72dolphins says:

What a beautiful and decent human being. Why can’t Tiger be more like him??

bhchargers says:

boo weekley is a wanker!!i love golf but i hate boo weekley!!

Russell McPeake says:

Such a genuine guy, enjoys life. God talks like Boo!

michael samyn says:

im sure that redneck would embarrass you on the links

Travis Smith says:

this adrenaline right here is way alot more than shooting a deer…

shagger67 says:

this guy is a breath of fresh air!! who compares shooting a deer to Ryder
cup!?! I’m a proud Canadian but this guy has to be my favorite American.

TheIEvon says:

oh please, golf needs this guy…breath of fresh air. dont be such a stuck
up prick.

flogcchf says:

He played his 16-hole match at 9-under par! Probably the best round of his

wannaplayscoot says:

boo you are my hero!

TheScottyray12 says:

I love all the antics from both sides. it makes this alot of fun.

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