Celtic Manor 2010 Ryder Cup Match

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Celtic Manor 2010 Ryder Cup Match with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru, Trent #brick from YourGolfTravel, Coach Lockey and Steve the Buzzman Buzza. Watch this 4 ball take on eachother on this golf course with its Ryder Cup history. Celtic Manor 2010 is a long tough and beautiful golf course which is a must play for anyone who get the chance.


Jack H says:

Trents even worse than Rory, oh my 

TheArfdog says:

Right beautiful course, this. Not like that damn gorse shit.

Nathan Tilley says:

Kevin Na has sorted out his annoying swing waggles now time to sort your up
down waggles Mark please

VlogifyTrey says:

Trent has a Parfield style preshot routine over the ball. Great vid Mark!

Aaron Green says:

Awesome! Love it when you bring a higher hc into the mix. Cheers Parfield.

PaveLowExpert says:

Blockey Fairway Count? BRILLIANT!

Alife EU says:

I’m all for keeping yourself warm and ready to go on the tee box, but I
counted 11 club lifts before Trent hit his shot…

AJCgolf says:

When play better ball it’s always everyone takes shots off of the low man.
So if the teams are a 9&12 handicap and the other team are both 12 then the
9 handicap would get no shots but the three 12 handicappers would get 3
shots each. It’s alternate shot is where it’s half of the combined
difference. I’m not certain if I’m 100% correct as I haven’t played an
official four ball match for a while so don’t quote me on it but I’m
reasonably sure 

Google-is-a-pain says:

Beautiful course. It also seemed that Mark’s (sometime?) irritating manner
was turned down in this clip. Nor was he trying to get into people’s heads
as much? Yet he was still animated and made the video entertaining. I
guess it just proves you can have your cake and eat it too. Well done

Vengeful Swan says:

What is Buzza’s favourite falvour of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? Chunky

Steve Evans says:

Trent and Parfield spending a lot of time waggling. Put the clock on them,
I say!

don blem says:

“That’s a practice swing, no respect I’m afraid” LOL :-)

Lars Vogel says:

woooww, that zoom made by Buzza on 5:20 :P

SatsumaBomb says:

Great banter, great viewing, thanks for introducing a higher handicapper
and showing how even it can make play with lower handicappers/ scratch

Golf Buddy says:

Nice vid as always and welcome Trent

06aikens says:

Literally thought Trent had one arm missing the way he held his arm in the

Kane Ray says:

Good stuff again Mark. Like the addition of Trent as well. Give us higher
handicappers something to strive to. 

Nick Hough says:

YES!!! As predicted on FB!! That HAD to be a BUZZMAN SPLASH!! 🙂 🙂
Loving it!

Craig Toghill says:

Im sure this has been said plenty times before, but is it just me or does
buzzer look a lot like jack whitehall?

james borrell says:

Is that the 2010 course? would love to have seen the Gorilla unleashed on

Gino L says:

Best course vlog to date. One of my favorite courses… know the course,
know the holes. A lot of fun to watch you guys play it. It’s also great to
see you playing with a 16 handicapper. He should get 8.

Nice putt Trent.

Johan Klarin says:

Very beautiful course

insomnijac says:

Love it!

steelpanther88 says:

yea in team games, it’s 3/4 or less allotted handicap strokes…

1 VS 1 matchplay it’s full 4/4 allotted handicap strokes…

Andrew Hilvers says:

I love having trent, its nice to watch someone closer to my game. It is
also nice to here you comment on someone with my game, a good mix to the

Duy Tang Golf says:

+Mark Crossfield what camera are you using? Just wondering how much zoom it

Robert Davies says:

Was there in 2010 to see our boys thrashing the Americans!!

TREXgameplay says:

Mark give Trent his shots please

marcus from sweden says:

FIRST of all. BIG thanks for all you fantastic coaching vid as well as
your funny game vids. Very appriciated.
Funny/evil how Steve and the others questioned your fairness regarding the
3/4 shots for Trent! :o]

Keep up the good work!

Sam Shostek says:

Hi Mark.

My first tournament is tomorrow and I’m really scared about my swing. I
have been drawing the balm to much lately. I don’t know what to do. Should
I keep my should in, change my grip, or swing easier. PLZ HELP!

Jason Lortie says:

I love watching these play through with +Mark Crossfield, he literally
talks the ENTIRE time lol! Keep up the chatter!

Dustin P. says:


Finlay Bellingham says:

Hi Mark, just wondering what is the best way to get gap testing done. 

Benjamin Downes says:

So in light of having Trent in the video, when are you coming over to
Australia Mark to play some of the beautiful picturesque courses we have
over here?

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