Golf Posture and Swing Path Lesson

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Golf Posture and Swing Path Lesson with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks posture and how maybe you can take good posture to a limit. Mark in this golf lesson video also talks club path and how club path can be over done that can now stop you making some good golf shots.


Matthew Collins says:

Theres absolutely zero point in analysing a practice swing!! Waste of time

Coach Lockey says:

Great hat 

Tom Hobbs says:

Thanks for that Mark, I now understand why I sometimes,with the driver
only, block the shot right. It was all down to the hands being forward
which you covered in depth. Really appreciate the advice, keep up the good
work, glad to see those Red Trousers have disappeared!

Dean Mitchell says:

Mark, I love your teaching method. There’s no sense of teaching by numbers
(okay, LM numbers, but not a one size fits all approach). I used to score
in the 70’s regularly with some “faults” in my swing that I tried to iron
out to make it more effective and, okay, I’ll admit it, prettier. I changed
from a hip action, grip and club face pointing to the sky at the top type
of swing, like you prescribe, to a more rotary action. never managed to hit
the ball better and my driver became a bit bleugh. I’m now going back to my
natural swing which is freer and easier on my body. Thanks for encouraging

Steve Taylor says:

that’s my problem, I have been trying to fix for ever ! 

Mike Woodhouse says:

Watching this, I started to realise that this (sadly, the fault, not the
fix) may very well be something I do. Might try to squeeze a small bucket’s
worth sometime tomorrow…

Nick says:

i think posture is really important so many bad swings start from bad set
up, i have really straightened my spine at address and i seem to get more
on a natural swing path which i can also visualise better.
i also used to swing with the blade of my club but now swing with my hands
and think more about my hands top part of the club which gets me a better
path and strike, love this vid 

Sammy Whammy says:

Great video Mark, loved the part about bringing the hands in towards
you, and spinning the club around. Going to have to practise that a bit
more. But tell me, are there any postures that can improve your putting?

Darrell Ferguson says:

I love the down the club view When you guys are making the great on course
videos, maybe you could put the head cam and get a view of how the club
head sits at address and through the swing Keep up the great work!!

Steve Evans says:

Hidden inside the video is great advice about the direction in which the
hands should be moving. Great insight Mark.

Steven Shulski says:

Thanks very much for this video! I was just having an issue with this
yesterday on the range.

Sammy Whammy says:

david chapman I think the whole reason he thought about doing this video on
Golf Posture was the Buzzman! Note the sarcasm. d;)

david chapman says:

Sammy Whammy haven’t you been watching the Buzzman!

Jack C says:

Hi, any tips or drills to keep hands in line with club head?

FutureStreetTV says:

Next step for the progressive players: watching videos about reducing toe
hits from bringing those hands in ;)

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