Sergio Garcia’s UNIQUE Driver Tip Is Genius! #shorts #golf

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Ryan Dosenberry says:

Oh! Ok simple! 😂😂😂

Pat Atkins says:

This has been the single best swing tip I have found for curing my slice. When I get lazy I revert back to my baseball swing and open up and swipe across the ball. Thinking first move "down" is my new mantra

vikram rihal says:

This is not how you shallow the club. But you will be more steep, enjoy lol

Ian Baldwin says:

I assume the pull down is the same for all the clubs?

Ulf Häger says:

This tip is great and a feeling that’s so easy to apply.

Imran Malik says:

👏👏👏. Off to the driving range


Sould try this tip , Thank you so much !

Anonymous says:

Feel and real are very different.

Martin G says:

exactly the problem I have after not playing for 12 yrs

steve_wins83 says:

This cured my slice straight away, just randomly came across it too. Must of been my lucky day.

Charles King says:

This advice is good for Sergio because he swings his arm straight up in the air he has to pull them down…
A player like Hogan who Sergio has been compared to, Swing is lead are more across his chest so that’s the last thing he wanted to do…

Denis S. says:

I thought the slight bump left with the hip came before the pull down.

Jim Deer says:

I have had this problem…forever. Not 1 video I've seen has explained it this simply. Can't wait to get out to the GC to try it out!!

Joel Anderson says:

Back stays towards the target in the first pull down…outstanding tip!!

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