SHOULD A MID HANDICAP GOLFER USE A 3-IRON? A HYBRID? OR A 5-WOOD? the 200 yard golf shot is one of the hardest shots in golf, what clubs should a mid handicap golfer use? should a mid handicapper us a 3-iron? should you use a 3-iron? should I use a 3-iron? should a mid handicapper use a hybrid? should you use a hybrid? should I buy a hybrid? should a mid handicapper use a 5-wood? should you use a 5-wood? should I use a 5-wood? in this video we test exactly that. what golf clubs should you buy? and which golf clubs should be in the bag… lets do it… and lets do it now!


  1. I have no hybrid in my bag, did not do to well with them. I have a driver, not in my bag if I take a round I have a three wood and a five wood. My longest iron is the four, never had a one, two or three iron. Perhaps I will one day buy a three iron.
    I usually tee off with the 3 wood, as I get the same length with it, as with the driver and I am more accurate. On "bad wood" days I use the four iron to tee off. My handicap is currently 24. I have managed 17. Often I use only the irons around the course. On "good wood" days I use the five wood on the fairways. I am 70 years old. I practice with drivers and hope to learn to hit them. I have an old Callaway big Bertha driver, a Wilson titanium driver and my old Yonex ADX 200 #1 out of my wood set.
    My irons are Callaway big Bertha 4 to 10, S and W, old ones from 2002.

  2. This is good advice, thank you. Just one moan. This would be so much better outside on a real golf course or range. So many YouTube channels are using these imitation golf course screens. I'm afraid it's a turn off for me.

  3. Really interesting. I've just ditched my 3 Hybrid after years of being super inconsistent with it (when hit well, it's amazing, but I just don't trust it). I've always been scared of Fairway woods, no idea why as I haven't really used them. Randomly tried a beaten up old rental Taylormade 5 wood at my local driving range the other week, and it was glorious, on every single shot. Easiest club I'd ever hit. Was telling a mate, who then pulled out one of his old ones, and gave it to me. Went back to the driving range with it, and same thing, totally consistent. Just gutted it's taken me this long to figure it out. Ironically my 3 Hybrid is the only club in my bag I've been fitted for, and it gets used the least by a long shot.

  4. If this is all the shot he has done with the 3 iron – I`l bet he would crush it if he used is as much has he already has used his 5w

  5. I can still hit my 3 and 4 irons relatively well, but have pulled them out because I am not consistent with them. I now have a Driver, 2 hybrid (17*) and 4 hybrid (21*) before I move to my irons, starting with a 5

  6. HI AGAIN JAMES ITS PAUL ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION IS YES IF LIKE ME THEY ARE COMFORTABLE DOING SO . I do not use a three iron as the one I have is a ping and that is a draw club my bad shot. I however like sw to 4i and often carry a 2 iron for three types of shot 1, the normal shot 2, if say under an oak tree its easier to get out 3, and this is my special shot on a bunker edge turn face bunker reverse the club and play it . SO FOR ME YES , SOMEONE OFF A HIGHER HANDICAP 22 AND ABOVE RESCUE IS BETTER.

  7. Hi there James I've played behind you many times at Woolley so perhaps you can give me a tip here. ALL THE OTHER " SO CALLED PROS ON HERE THINK FAIRWAY WOODS ARE ONE CLUB A 3 WOOD " I do not like the 3 wood I hit a 4 wood or my favourites TAYLORMADE 200 SERIES 5 &7 WOODS till now they have been great for my game but covid19 has scuppered them . NOW I CAN AT TIMES GET THEM AIRBORN BUT ANY DIRECTION OR NOT ABOVE WAIST HIGH , CAN YOU HELP OR DO I HAVE TO RISK COVID19 AND HAVE A LESSON FROM JON . I AM IN NOWAY SAYING JON HAS COVID19 ITS THAT WE ARE NOT PERMITTED IN A BUILDING AND THATS WHERE LESSONS ARE. PAUL.

  8. I use the 3 iron in windy conditions and the 5 wood to get over a front placed bunker or on a calm wind day. My 5 wood is the easiest to hit.

  9. The three iron is a good windy day club. I have a 4 and a 3 rescue which I don’t like. They have a draw bias and we’re bought on impulse. One of my all time favourite clubs is my 5 wood. It has a larger confidence giving head so despite the longer shaft is easier for me to hit than the rescues. Right now I would buy a game improver 3 iron, no question. Last official h/c was 21.

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