25 thoughts on “Simple Golf Drill to get More Distance with Less Swing Speed

  1. I’m no mathematician but the average hole is about 350-400 and if you can smash it 200 yards, you’ll get to the hole just fine. I tried working on my long distance and only ended up hurting myself. Slow and steady wins the race all the time.

  2. New logo looks awesome Matt! Thanks for posting! Been searching for this exact thing. Going through chemo has made me loose a lot of strength and speed and also very in consistent with my approach irons.. Been going back and forth clubbing up and down. Half the time short and the other half sky it over the green. It’s pretty maddening when you are used to hitting the green! ? I’m really going to work on this! Thanks!

  3. Im so happy i found you, so much bullshit instruction on youtube, but this is not one of them, i have been down at lowest to 5.7 hcp, 29 years old and i have seem everything in terms of instruction, but this guy just does it for me, keeping me entertained at the same time as well, love the energy, love the easy to understandnteaching, and love how you make sense of it all, you helped me anlot in just a couple of DAYS, 10000000 thanks from Finland, and keep doing what you are doing because this is what you are destined to do!!!

  4. I used this drill today on practice swings at Pacific Grove Golf Links! I played some of the best golf maybe I ever have! Thanks Matt!

  5. Hey Mr. SG ?, love the videos , so explanatory. At 58 yrs young I’ve learned to slow my swing down 3/4 swing and I’m hitting it longer and straighter. Keep it wide. Thx you ?

  6. My issue is, I can get myself to do this during practice, in my yard, no ball. My swing feels great, not forcing it or swinging out of my shoes. I get to the course or the range, put a ball in front of me and it seems everything speeds up again, but my swing feels forced and honestly slower because I'm trying to swing harder. Amy tips or is it simply just repetition inside as you mentioned?

  7. I have geared down my swing speed ? 70% to 80% swing speed and working the ball with fades and draws with a better ball strike which results in less distances but scores are par or birdies in 2021 instead of par, birdies, bogeys and double bogeys in 2020 ? using a low compression ball is helping ✅

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