So Many Golfers Make This Downswing Fault With The Driver the driver solid and in play often results in great rounds of golf with low scores, but we all know that consistency with the driver can be difficult.

In this video I cover a really common fault that I see all too often from someone struggling with the driver…… and in many cases the fault is exactly what they are trying to do!

So many golfers make this downswing fault with the driver but here I share with you the way to fix it in your swing.

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19 thoughts on “So Many Golfers Make This Downswing Fault With The Driver

  1. I've been watching your videos for the last 7 years. Anytime im struggling with my game i always try to find a video from you that addresses the problem

  2. Great! Another tip is to keep your head still in the downswing, its easy to let the head move forward with the body creating that " comming over the top swing"

  3. Hi Chris! This makes a lot of sense for the driver as I sky the ball and need to use a more horizontal path… I hit my irons real well, but feel like I should only use the “drop” for my driver only and continue the same path with my irons since I hit them well. Your thoughts??

  4. There needs to be more videos made to address this exact issue because even when taking lessons, this technique isn't discussed. Thanks

  5. Thanks Chris I never knew this. I have always been taught to swing on a constant plane. Will definitely try out next time I'm on the range. Is this the same for irons ?

  6. Super video and easy to follow. Im a golfer who swings down directly to ball and I end up hitting the ball at top of the driver and goes high. I will deffo try this when back a driver range. Incidentally is this the same down swing for the irons? cheers big fan of your videos

  7. Makes sense in my mind about giving yourself more space to properly finish BUT… Why couldn't you take the club away on the same lower/flatter plane?

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