11 thoughts on “2020 Rickie fowler Powerful One plane Driver Golf Swing, Slow-motion, Swing sequence

  1. Understand Butch has tried to change Rickies golf swing, claiming Rickies swing too flat.
    Tiger's swing was this "flat" in 2000 when he hit the ball better than anyone before or since… The steepening of Tigers swing resulted in bodily injury.. .knee, lower back etc. All because the the weight of the golf club swung by centrifugal force will always , naturally swing 90 degrees to the axis of rotation.. ie the spine.

    By steepening, Butch caused Tiger, and now Rickie to create stresses within their bodies to compensate for the steep DS. Another golf career gone due to ignorance of golf instruction. C'est dommage.

  2. Not my understanding of “one plane”?
    He returns the shaft on a different plane than address, he’s steeper up and then shallows in the transition. That’s 2 plane???

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