Stop IGNORING the WORST RATED Drivers in 2023!?

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21 thoughts on “Stop IGNORING the WORST RATED Drivers in 2023!?

  1. No1 Driver on my list based on previous ownership and now seeing people have bought the latest overhyped and overmarketed iteration is Taylormade. Basically everyone that I have seen use one of the drivers except for one person hits them all over the place except the fairway, it's ridiculous how bad the Stealth is for most amateur players.
    Second on the list now has to be Callaway. They took the Rogue from a few seasons back, which was great value for money and it's now 3 times that price, again ridiculous.
    With the like of Wilson, PXG and even Yonex entering the market with drivers that are not only reasonable in their pricing but great in performance why would any amateur golfer look at the likes of Taylormade or Callaway.
    I haven't mentioned Ping because I believe if you get fitted using he Ping system you will be able to rely on that equipment for many years to come without having to upgrade.

  2. That’s exactly how I feel about this year’s releases so far. The Wilson Dynapowa range performs incredibly well, yet every YouTube video I see has the tagline “the best driver you won’t buy”.

  3. Really appreciate your honesty! BTW – you showed drivers in this video from many brands, but one that was somewhat glaringly missing was Wilson. I recently bought a brand new Wilson Cortex Driver from 2018 which is fully adjustable (weights, slide bar, hosel, somewhat like the Taylormade M1) and carbon fiber crown – for $100 USD. A screaming deal on a beautiful, functional club. There are still a few out there….

  4. Ya I picked up that PXG 0211 last year when they were getting rid of stock… amazing driver and very forgiving was a much better fit for my game, considering when i started golf I bought the epic sub Zero without know what that meant ????‍♂️

  5. I like loud drivers. Some of the old cobra Cleveland etc, drivers sounded like a shot gun going off!!!
    This trend for muted sounding drivers, is so boring and I don't think that they are "as hot", off the centre!!!

  6. Couldn't agree more????????
    I am one of them who can't deal with drivers that have that horrible sound????????????
    I personally buy new stuff from my local golf store but it is 1 or 2 year old. I have a driver shaft I love that I found on a second hand page here in sweden for like 20-30£ rogue white series. Have the same in my 3 wood.
    I also love to buy wedges brand new but the ones they sell out that's 1-2 years old. Usally can get them in the wrapper for 50-70£ will be zero difference between a sm6 vokey and a sm9 except for the number. Love your vlogs simon????
    I love callaway since there stuff is usally dropps in price much faster then other companies. Plus the amount of shafts available second hand with callaway adapters is ridiculous. So glad they rarely change adapters on them. Just plug and play????

  7. Great advice Simon ???????????????? could you do a comparison between the ping G versus the new paragon ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️

  8. Not going anywhere near TM Carbon face, epoxy oozing out is a issue, do your own research, i'm only repeating what i read, try wrx forum for a starter. Good hunting there some great bargains out there, just be patient. (i have a sim2 driver)

  9. Would love to see some Yonex reviews. Yonex golf clubs really aren't available in retail stores here in the States. At the PGA Show, they had some impressive looking clubs though.

  10. Love this guy's channel. He's so honest and doesn't just try and sell you stuff. I like Mr.short game but he's always saying to go buy 7 diamonds clothing. Like yeah I'll just got buy a 130$ shirt because you get the clothes for free or at a steep discount

  11. I use the Titleist 910 D2, as I tried other new brands and to be honest I hit my Titleist just the same as these newer drivers, 251 but was more consistent and straight, so I've stuck with my Titleist why change if you're consistent stick with what you feel confident with.
    Agree older drivers are still as good, second hand is the best way for me to be honest ????

  12. Simon, I recently found and purchased a super clean TaylorMade R9 Super Tri driver with a stock shaft. I replaced that shaft with a Fuji Speeder 661 that continues to favor my swing profile. This setup has been nothing more than fabulous for me and out performs the many drivers I have gamed since it's release. It was a gem back then and it continues to be today. All of this goodness for a grand total of $60, re-shafting included.

  13. Hey simon, I still game the original epic sub zero and have tried every year since of callaway drivers. not enough difference for me until maybe i crack the head. Cheers from Kamloops British Columbia Canada

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