I Got Sent The WORST Golf Clubs EVER MADE… Do YOU Agree!?

I Got Sent The WORST Golf Clubs EVER MADE… Do YOU Agree!? When buying golf clubs we often think about what are the best golf clubs ever made… often we don't think about the worst golf clubs people have bought through the years… in this months MYSTERY BOX Challenge the guys at golf clubs 4 cash have sent me a box of second hand golf clubs which could well be the worst golf clubs ever made!? if you want to check out some of the deals on amazing golf clubs they have in stock… check out the link below


16 thoughts on “I Got Sent The WORST Golf Clubs EVER MADE… Do YOU Agree!?

  1. Only trouble buying second hand is the extra cost to have them re gripped, so add an extra £10 per club to get them re gripped, and then not far off buying a brand new set,

  2. I did a review myself on the Nike Vapor pro blades this year…. Definitely need more forgiviness for myself, but feel wise they were awesome. I’ve always had mizunos in the bag and the Nikes were right up there with them for how soft they felt out the middle! Lovely clubs!

  3. I bought a Nike driver just like that one ( loved the red finish) from American golf on the premise that I could hit it further than my then Callaway driver. The shaft was very light 50 something grams? I sold it some years later quite quickly and went the whole hog a bought a brand new Cobra costing a lot. Is the Cobra any better ie are my scores going down do I drive it further? NO I DONT.
    It actually proves that it doesn’t matter what a high handicap senior golfer uses the scores do not improve. Your father will know what I am talking about.
    Great video James. Entertaining as usual.

  4. Well….I have a set of clubs that were very popular in 2008, although I used a connection to get the irons and fairway woods and driver, fitted to my standards…I am 6'6" and need longer steel shafts, more of Senior Flex, and the fairways woods had the same shafts. The Irons were all 1.5 " inches longer, the irons were 3° upright and 3° stronger, men's medium sized grip with 3 wraps of tape on each club. And…they are Nike Slingshot Irons! I love them! I hit them longer and straighter than any set of irons I have ever owned! The first round I played with them, I had 3 birdies from under 4 feet from the pin and hit every fairway with Nike Driver. I shot a 74, 2 over par on a course I had never played! Not too bad for a guy carrying 5 at the time!

  5. Really good series. I bought a second hand set of Callaway Apex DCB irons as a second set. I sort of feel like they went under the radar a bit when they were released a few years ago. They're the business.

  6. I disagree. I used Nike for many, many years and never had issues. Still have them all in the closest. I only stopped using them because i dont want to possibly crack any of them

  7. i have brought my ping g410LST and 410 5 wood from golf clubs for cash and i also brought my old mizuno mx-17 from them to great app also which you get a extra 5% off if you use

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