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How do you fix the head from lifting first?
Today I will talk about what defines “lifting your head” and show you how you can keep it down!

I hope you enjoy!

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Filmed at our beautiful Upland Hills CC



Ben Fazio says:

very clear instruction and excellent video production – I am an exercise physiologist and coach and appreciate your help.

Salvador Sarmiento says:

Aimee swing is absolutely great, just perfect!! She is too!!

Arthur Korff says:

Spine angle! Love it

ironhorse127 says:

Simply the best teacher on the internet I have ever seen. Keeps it simple for the average golfer.

ihatescreennames89 says:

Going to buy a hula hoop, not sure how to fit it in my bag.

Chonlatid Na Phatthalung says:

I love to practice follow her.

Daniel Beaudoin says:

great info love it

lovetogolf says:

Great Lesson Aimee, you have a beautiful Swing!!!

brightandsunny says:

Great Vid!!!! So clear and to the point. i love your videos and learn a lot. Thank you Aimee!!

pigslefats says:

20% subscribe for lesson, 80% for legs and body))

Carlisgarza says:

Beautiful drill, great advices. You just made my da!

shyam vijay says:

Early extension is not a problem per se..the lack of right side bend to compensate is what causes the lifting. But I guess it's a relatively advanced concept

Tanya Fu says:

This helps me so much!Thanks!

Tim McKeown says:

Great info. Easy on the eyes as well!

Micky tong says:


C'Ville Cane says:

Learn to Shape a swing with the help of Aimee's Beginner Series first. This lesson is the icing on the cake. It's taken me three seasons to build a swing like Aimee's: I'm not there yet, but it's been fun. I'm close. Before Aimee, I used to shoot in the 90's: there's a good chance that I'll get below a 6 before this golf season is over (I'm 72 so I'll just take what my body can give me). Aimee's way is my roadmap. Stay the course: Change is incremental, but it's cumulative. Put in the time and enjoy the journey.

lovetogolf says:

That's the issue with us, we move around to much, great lesson Aimee

CB H says:

She give some good information but it's really hard to get past those "Incredible Legs"!

lindiwe jali says:

Thanks Aimee, that helps me a lot

wynne baker says:

Great video beautiful!

Cokie Gacha says:

I came here because I am a friend of "Becky" She linked your channel IN ONE OF HER VIDEOS! I LOOOVVEE YOUR CHANNEL NOW!

Georgie Walker says:

Thank you Aimee from South Africa ??

Paul Brown says:

Very good lessons ??

mwhall says:

Very nice lesson!

JK Hamels says:

You clearly define the problem of head movement, and address the fix. Another great video,

Jerry Turner says:

Certainly she must know how her beauty is distracting. I had to watch this lesson 4 times before I started listening to what she was saying.

billy38010 says:

Really, I Love Aimee's Tips,…they're very Helpful,…and She's very Cute, as well!

Gator golf USA says:


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