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Coco Lee says:

Iโ€™ll try this thank you!

activelives says:

This is inspired, a subconscious tweak. Thanks dude!

Lion Sin of Pride Escanor says:

Friend: what are you doing?
Me: watch and learn mate
ball fly straight
Friend: thats.. amazing lol

Henry Rodriguez says:

I found my new swing to make matters worse for my game

Mark Price says:

This Works! And if you still slice the ball, at least you can do something Cool to distract everyone from how bad your slice is. Or just play entire round backwards ๐Ÿ™„

Ligma Ballz says:

Iโ€™m just gonna swing it backwards on the course from now on

Ryder Owens says:

Tried it at top golf not a good idea got kicked out lol

Leon Gidlรถf says:

It kinda worked for me

F says:

I'm try this, but I think its fake

Gabe says:

For 100k special you should upload a vid of you playing a full 18 holes

Njd says:

I have the opposite problem

Jake Gore says:

i need more than a simple drill to help me bro

Tim Callaway says:

Different class gonna try that tomorrow on the sim

FTG PhantoM says:

Can you do a video on how to not hit a killer draw

WGaugeH says:

Can you do one of you uses square and the other uses triangle golf ball

9 Outs says:

Play a hole with a bowling ball

Jack Steventon says:

Play with hollow ball? Please?

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