SuperSpeed Golf Swing Speed Level 1 Training Protocol

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Get ready to accelerate your game and add 20 yards to your drive! This is the first of 5 SuperSpeed training protocol levels. During our Level 1 protocol, you will learn what it feels like to make the fastest and most efficient golf swing of your life. We recommend that all players start with this protocol regardless of skill level or physical ability. This is the perfect introduction to neurological speed training for your golf swing.

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Michael Lindt says:

Hi, it says it based on the neuromuscular memory. I can not understand logic of that. Is it not bettet to swing first the lightest one in oder to learn to swing as fast you can then the haviest one in order to learn to swing maximal weight as fast as you can and at the end the middle one. I have done an experiment and I swung with middle stick faster as if I did it after the lightest one. Thanks.

GolfPro says:

Sound is horrible

Milton Rodas says:

Can you please stand further back or have the guy be 2 feet further out from you on the next video!? lol … he came within 4” on some of those swings

Monsieur GLU says:

I'm just starting the trainning protocol 1
I have some wired result :
First exercice : Good speed
Second exercice : -10 mph

Is it normal ?

Billy Daniels says:

The sound on this video couldnt be much worse. So quiet and then an ear splitting “ping”

0331 says:

Shouldnt a radar being used to get some kind of baseline numbers and/or see in general if each swing is faster or slower ?

renato d'aristotile says:

How long do u do level
1? How Many times a week and for how many weeks

Dylan Nathaniel says:

I can’t swing with my non dominant

mako1134 says:

I have a question
If I just swing for speed I can make out at 125mph with the light.
If I use my swing on the course I will lose 15mph of my speed.

Is it best to swing you normal swing or swing for max speed ?

Dick Hendricks says:

Just completed Level 1, and I picked up 6 mph with my driver. I’m pleased with that, and know I have more in the tank with better use of the ground, I recently purchased the Force Pedals.
My question is, my gains with the Red stick were about half of the Green and Blue, I am taking my break before using the Red stick, is there something I should be do differently or additionally? Thanks.

r lake says:

What about older guys in their 50’s? Is it ok to go at it this hard?

Aumpika S says:

Thanks for the video
I got a junior set
My speed improved from 54 to 63 to 70!
I am still 10 after all 😄

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