ROTATE With These Golf Swing Drills | Tour Rotation Stick Training Aid

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The Tour Rotation Stick is one of a few training aids I use on a consistent basis with my students. It provides wonderful (immediate) feedback, most notably through the hitting area and impact when we are looking to have some shaft lean and learn how to rotate better. There are several other awesome golf swing drills you can do with the TRS, including: club in front of the hands in takeaway, trace the line, and stand the club up to shallow it out in transition.

It's an awesome multipurpose tool and training aid you can practice with on the driving range or away from the golf course in your own home, perfect for developing a more pivot driven golf swing. Henry was first introduced to the TRS several years ago through the founder, Liam Bond, an excellent European Tour golf coach and former professional golfer himself. Since partnering, the TRS has been seen in the hands of Tommy Fleetwood, Robert Rock, and numerous other well-known players from across the pond. When Henry is out on the road caddying for his girlfriend, Dana Finkelstein, on the LPGA Tour, he always has a TRS on hand, and it's a tool we have used with Dana before to practice the exact exercises seen in this video. The TRS has become a staple tool for our coaching and our online academy! You can receive 10% OFF a TRS on my website:

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XanderJ82 says:

This one move has made me a lot more consistent

joeblowjohndoe says:

Sorry guys but Home Depot 2 dollar driveway reflector stake jammed into an old club works just as well lol. Great video though!

Chris Mulder says:

club face to open. So it means you don't open enough yours chest.

LucyCat says:

I could spend all day out there hitting balls.

Rodney Christian says:

Hi Milo. I appreciate your videos on drills that emphasize body rotation and controlling the club face. After several months of practicing these drills with a half swing or quarter swing, I'd like to transition to a 3/4 and full swing. Do you have any drills that will help? If you have already made videos on these drills, can you point me in the right direction as to the date? Thank you!

Ben Jonson says:

..good one..

Daniel Wenderlich says:

Great advice as always!

Gollie says:

It’s hard to hit with the TRS bc of the vast change in swing weight. Even small shots

ericymun says:

Do the checkpoints also apply to driver?

Ben Martinez says:

lol the slow mo toe shank is awesome!!! Good stuff as always

golf weed says:

Nothing New Here. OK, I guess as a refresher.

Temporary Stranger says:

“All good stuff!” Yep, thanks Milo and Henry. 👊👊

Jack Bowman says:

I like to use an alignment rod down the shaft when I warm up before a round. It seems to help with my thru swing to remind me to rotate thru the shot with chest towards my target

hbyrdut says:

How does it affect set up? When I done this with an alignment rod address felt really awkward.

555Trout says:

Are there any Bighorn Sheep in those mountains?

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