TaylorMade Aero Burner Driver

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TaylorMade Aero Burner Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the new Aero Burner from TaylorMade and talks spin rates, launch and distance from the driver. Featuring aero dynamic design and white looks the new burner is looking forward and back to the Burner brand. Play your best golf with the best golf equipment in your golf bag.

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One thing I would like to see more on your channel are Wedge reviews.
You have quite a low number of them on your channel but they are important
clubs in the bag.
I hope you will do more of those this coming season. 

Stompy77 says:

It’s just funny to me how literally all the big brands are now pursuing
what Nike did YEARS AGO with the first Victory Red drivers. Why? Because
it was the first club to do a physical non-movable modification that
worked. Just like the classic Big Bertha and how it changed golf forever,
Nike did the same thing just in a more subtle way that is starting to
become annoying.

Doc Griffin says:

seriously, you do not swing a club faster simply because it’s lighter.
also, you can only obtain more distance if you are
able to swing the longer club with at least equal swing speed which will
increase club head speed. however, as the shaft becomes longer it becomes
more difficult to hit the ball in the center of the club face which cause
ball speed to go down and this results in loss of distance.

We did a 3 year study with testing driver lengths and had hundreds of case
studies. In this study we only had only 6 people that could generate more
club head speed with a driver that was over 45″ long as opposed to a driver
of 44.5″ or shorter. Of those 6, not one could hit the center of the club
face with as much consistency and their total overall distance was less
with the longer shafted driver.

Please people, wake up and realize that what is being propagated is great
theory and works well with Iron Byron but in real life it just doesn’t
work! Why do you think the best players in the world (tour players) have
driver lengths averaging 44.5″. Sergio even plays a driver less than 44″.

elroraps says:

My game is focused on hitting a low, weak baffy thin rising fade. My ideal
shot comes up 45 yards short and right of the target and plugs in a bunker.
Ideally I can catch the shot fairly thin, and semi shank it so that it
rises with a weak flight and baffs off to the right, any recommendations

rojothe2nd says:

Looks ugly and cheap. More like older tm 

Andy Bollenbacher says:

Trackman, flightscope, CG2 with hdmi, and v1golf… you got at least 100K
of technology in that hitting bay lmao

3rdgroove says:

Club manufacturers should make a driver exceeding the legal limits and
label it a fun club. Wouldn’t that be cool to carry it 300y for once?
However, I don’t think it’s going to happen because it would make all their
other drivers look lame…

Vici Martynov says:

Well I applaud the simplicity, getting fed up with masses of bits and
pieces tacked on clubs lately but, I dont think this one would suit me ;-)

Solomon Spydro says:

Guys I was thinking of getting this as a 2 rescue, but I checked the specs
and it only goes down to a 3 rescue, should I get a 5 wood? As I don’t like
the look of the r15 rescue, I need to fit the gap of 3 wood 3 iron 

Mark Hedetniemi says:

Mark, thank for the review of the TaylorMade AeroBurner. Perhaps a
comparable matchup would be the G30 & Adams Golf (a TaylorMade subsidiary)
Speedline driver? #let’sgetsomeotherbrandsinthere

Michael Rolton says:

Thanks Mark. Another useful video.

Wz Tr says:

Aero Burner Black, coming soon….. R15 Black, coming soon……

Matthew Collins says:

See you next week for R17. Yawn

Paul Reuten says:

It looks well designed for modest swings and hopefully a modest price.
Also would love to see a vid on shaft weights vs club head speed. getting
new driver this season and Ime shafting it but I donèt want to get shafted.

Chris Schmidt says:

I really like what the major manufacturers are doing with implementing
“wings” and other aerodynamically features implemented in the new drivers
for 2015. I believe manufacturers will concentrate on a decrease in the
cc size and increase the areo… It makes perfect sense!

Danny Worsdale says:

I know it’s difficult to get fitted for each club but I’m not sure how you
can review this club properly without getting the right specs for you and
we can all decide on looks but still enjoyed the vid as always:) 

Cian Lanigan says:

+vici martynov what’s your swing speed and handicap? Women don’t tend to
have very fast swing speeds?

Sam Sperring says:

I thought fingering slots was more of a lockey thing?

mark bailey says:

Seriously ANOTHER TM club. I change my socks less often.
Any chance we can get some reviews on some other manufacturers mark??

Ardian Guscic says:

these videos could be so much shorter but you talk way too much and it gets
really annoying and frustrating, like i just want to see the review +Mark

daniel walters says:

isnt this driver following the wilson D100 driver, with its longer shaft
and ultra lightness?

Jackson La says:

Looks longer than the jet speed #countrymileplus2

Duck Hook says:

you must have just had two cups of coffee. lol

Evan Diede says:

+Mark Crossfield could you be amazing and do a review on the new Cobra
driver & irons

Ian Westley says:

Doesn’t AeroBurner just result in a lot of melted chocolate?

MiniBlueDragon says:

I’m gonna wait for TM’s 12th driver of 2014 which is out in a couple of
weeks; The Aero-Ballz-Rocket-JetSpeed-SLDR-Stage2-TP-Mini.

*burns money*

Connor Higgins says:

Great another taylormade driver

speterj says:

Mark why do you have GC2, Flightscope and Trackman?

Wz Tr says:

SLDR 2.0, coming soon…..

david lyons says:

does anyone else ever wonder what his arms look like?

lhodge101 says:

still have the burner 2.0 love the sound and look. great vid mark

Kenny Herbert says:

Was that a typo Connor, Think you meant to say “another great Taylormade
driver! 😉 “

Kevin Gray says:

Have you reviewed the titleist 915 gear yet mark?

grumpy2159 says:

Got enough launch monitors there Mark?

Benjamin says:

Can’t you do a “flex dosen’t mather”-video on shaft weights… I don’t know
anything about weights of shafts.
Has weight got a bigger impact on flight, spin and lenght then flex? 

Jack Dent says:

I hate its looks, reminds me of a Dunlop 

GrandmasterN says:

is this not an OLD vidoe?

rich brown says:

yet another taylormade baked bean tin!


I am so excited for the Nike Vapor stuff on your channel 

SuperMjc1987 says:

gc2, hmt, flightscope AND trackman!!! you must be minted!

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