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Rick Shiels PGA says:


Ball position in your stance explained with wedges, irons and woods! 

Aidan Mcauley says:

Why are you using r15 but in tests you hit 915 d3 better 

Jonathan Hassler says:

Rick! Love your videos and equipment reviews. The instructional videos of
late have been really helpful too. Any chance you could do a video
dedicated to wrist angles at the top of the back swing and tips to
preventing a cupped left wrist at the top of the back swing? This seems to
be my problem and I’m really struggling to keep the left wrist flat.
Anything helps! Thanks! 

Ekkehard Barth says:

Well, is there a reason for teeing the ball up an placing it near the left
heal ? – sure is 🙂
What we are all struggling with is coming closer to optimal launch
conditiion with the driver , let’s say 17 degrees lauch angle and slighty
below 2000 rpm. So its either hiting your 10.5 degrees standard driver “up”
or stay with your downswing and go to 16 degree driver…… maybe thats
why TM is successfull with its “loftup”-campaign

James Harvey says:

I think my ball position tends to be slightly more forward, which I worry
is inducing an over the top move, and can result in big pull hooks. 

Tomas Hejl says:

I think you know about it, but when you showing Iron 7, there is Stike
Zone, instead of Strike Zone. :-)

Phill Rudd says:

Hey Rick, which position would help if you struggle to square the club face
on time and block/push the ball with driver?
Keep the vids coming. Your’s and Finches are always the first videos I
watch. #bestcontentonyoutube 

ImSketchish says:

i hit every club like a stinger even wegdes and its annoying is it maybe
becuase of my ball position and trunk position and my swing is very much on

Wayne Stephen says:

I struggle with ball position is ther a way i can teach my self to place
ball position before swing 

Strat TelePaul says:

My ball position changes with regard to what type of shot I am trying to

rackum44 says:

How do you keep from NOT lunging forward(other words) not letting your
sternum get to far ahead of strike?

Super1Matt1 says:

i understand where sternum should be, but what about the head? you don’t
want to drift the head forward too? or do you? 

kaven audet says:

Do a witb refresh please ;0)

Rob barker says:

Enjoying the r15?

Jonesy Boy says:

hi rick have you seen powerlines from Jeremy bennet, we use these in the
welsh squad sessions think they are great be good to see you do a video
using them.
cheers lee

Hunter says:

Hey rick I was wondering what your down swing thoughts are, and what your
opinion is on squatting into your down swing like Rory?! Thanks and Cheers

Antony Walton says:

Another top quality video rick. Looking forward to having some lessons with
you. Keep up the good work

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