TaylorMade Athletes React to New Technology — M3/M4

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Watch the reactions from TaylorMade athletes as they see our new Twist Face technology for the very first time in the M3 and M4 drivers.


stephen jackson says:

So Dustin, now when you play for your cut and hit it high toe it won't go straight you'll miss the fairway right !

for the love of tech too says:

All MC has too do is pop down to his local driving range and try a demo driver to review this product well done TM on this chat enjoyed just remember these guys are good and have near perfect swing paths…..?

Stewart Halliwell says:

time to say goodbye guys we dont believe you if i was the Boss you would be gone

omar khan says:

If you give these players clubs made of Cow poo plus the endorsement money they would still bag it, they can hit anything.

Its Shurzie says:

Well…Twist Face is looking pretty good now.

dtrance says:

Done buying TM gear out of principle. #262

s Sharman says:

Money talks. Titleist all the way !!!!!

Darragh Hogan says:

When i hit low heel, i lose hight. So why are tm putting less loft there?

notformebeaky says:

Dustin Johnson looks permanently stoned.

Neil Williams says:

Taylormade have messed up so bad with how they’ve treated Mark Crossfield. I’ve always been a bit ‘meh’ with Crossfield. But you can’t take anything away from his channel. Good content, and tells it as he see’s it. Doesn’t buy in to the bullshit claims by manufacturers. If he believes it’s a gimmick that didn’t help then that’s the feedback he gives. To not give the guy a chance to provide honest reviews on your clubs, and to assume that a sponsorship means all honesty is out the window, is shocking. It leads everyone to believe that that’s exactly how TM works. If a player is involved with them, they have to be ‘yes men’. This whole thing has made sure I will never touch another TM product, and I would assume I’m one of thousands of others. Great work Taylormade ??

Neil Williams says:

Based on your correspondence with Mark Crossfield, we’re not allowed to believe anything you’re spouting in this video. Obviously, if there’s any sort of sponsorship in place these people can’t be trusted, right?

Isaac Pacheco says:

The muppets!!! #262 next set of irons definitely PING

Big Pete says:

Rory, get out of there buddy. TM is making you look so used and cheap. Sign with Titleist bruh, go back to being a stud.

Steven Farnworth says:

Where is tiger woods why is he not on the vid???

My Golf Quest W says:

Lol cobra did it in 2012 with the amp cell. And also in their new F8. So not new.

My Golf Quest W says:

Lol cobra did it in 2012 with the amp cell. And also in their new F8. So not new.

golfbulldog says:

the point being, rich guys being paid to say things they are told to say for money doesn't make anyone want to buy this stuff… rich guys having a sense of humour and being able to laugh at themselves in the way that people playing on the course this weekend do…that makes us think they are one of us… and if they use your gear …seeing as they are just like you and me…then maybe we might buy some of your product…

golfbulldog says:

what this "classroom style" advert should have been like…. the rich young pros are all standing outside the "TM Golf Head pro" office with the trophies (or not) they have won in 2017 acting as their report card….each has their caddy and an empty golf bag..Justin Rose is still wearing his 2016 Olympic gold medal while Rory is overusing his mosquito repellant because he is still terrified of being bitten…. Each enters the head pro's office, a darkened room, and then leaves by another door, with bag full of new clubs…M3 or whatever soon to be dead horse they are flogging, and they step from the office into bright sunlight, squinting in the bright light, to find themselves on an immaculate range where they start practicing as Team TM golf 2018 ready to bring back more/any trophies from the coming year… you never see head pro until the end when he steps up from the chair and starts walking the range with a scotty cameron putter held as a swagger stick pointing out floors or giving praise…camera panning up from feet and from silhouette to reveal the head pro at TM golf… Tiger Woods…. 🙂 so much more fun that this awful advert… TMgolf…I can only work with you if you get in touch…

Lamarcus Brown says:

Mark Crossfield is a horrible reviewer anyway!!!!

Richard Woods says:

Very sad the way this company is behaving. Mark deserves better tbh. This is so cringe. Think I'll stay with my epic for another year. #262

Eamon for the top says:

Great golfers terrible actors ??

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