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TAYLORMADE BACK TO THE FUTURE DRIVER TEST OLD VS NEW, Mark Crossfield employs the use of his chief driver tester Coach Lockey to test the Taylormade driver from old M1 M2 and the new M3 driver to see where the ball can go when we are using different years of tech. This is just a guy hitting drivers and us showing the results for all to see what the marketing departments are making up or telling the truth in our opinions.

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Gary Barber says:

Mark, great video again. all these OEM's have to make clubs that have 0.80 COR max so of course they wont have a huge improvement from year to year. its always going to be strike location and also shaft fitting that makes the numbers better. people need to stop wasting their money on the newest clubs each year. get properly fitted and some lessons to improve patterns and strike BRUH

John Sadler says:

Hi Mark. Didn't you test a new Nike Driver ( a few years back now) only to find the data was identical to the older Nike Driver you had been gaming?

Paul Wrigley says:

What a stupid hole to do driver testing on… the centre line was in the trees at landing distance, the fairway was about 20 yards wide and a steep uphill at the landing zone… Will the new titleist drivers be tested on this hole??? I don't think so. Shame as the idea of the video and coach hitting them was a good one.

Rob Biles says:

3 years, 3 models, 1 yard and I would bet that any other brand would be about the same.

Gary Davis says:

Watching tests over and over, that’s what pushes Taylormade drivers because they are consistently longer than every other driver I’ve seen you guys hit. When you see guys on tour who have a choice, like Brooks Koepka and Luke Donald (who is contracted to Mizuno for his irons), they have a Taylormade M driver. I tried the Epic, but can’t draw it, all push. I haven’t tried the Rouge, but the cost is outrageous versus a Taylormade 2016 or 2017 M driver. Mark, you and a guy like Rick Sheils, in your testing, are always hitting longer with a Taylormade M driver.

david crawford says:

This would be more valid if you done the same with Callaway Ping and Titleist love your reviews but this still smacks of sour grapes with TM it's kinda hard to take seriously TBH

Mike Lee says:

Coach being a bit cheeky with Tm clubs but knows callaway are worse at club releasing and gimmicks than Tm

Sween Bean says:

Sorry. But I find these really boring !!

Niall Graham says:

Thanks for the footnote at the end Bruh!

jeromekim says:

The content seems to be getting sloppier and more unfocused.

steven clark says:

In my opinion……..we need to campaign to get coach lockeys sliding weight head legalised.

Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino says:

Coach Lockey has Face to CartPath issues in his club testing, Parfield is injured but would rather do some hairspray testing, while in a previous video Dan tested ladiessenior flex shafts in a driver and got excellent numbers…….When will sanity return to Torquay GC???? Or is it April Fool's Day?????

okolekahuna says:

I noticed the weights were all different in each club???

Paul Ryan says:

Personally game a 2016 M2. Works for me but if I came across another brand or model that worked better I 'd switch. HOWEVER what makes me laugh is that this vlog proves that it's generally the adjustable knob at the top of the grip that makes the most difference, not the tech at the bottom. Oh and by the way you can be a high handicap and hit great drives but if you can't strike irons …. and vice versa.

Tony Westwell says:

Very good video I feel a change coming on with my clubs

Vincent Mason says:

Do drivers get worse or better with age? With the shaft flexing and the face being hit at 100 miles an hour constantly when is the right time to say change your driver… or do they last forever?

Vin Velez says:

You need to put the sliding weight on all the drivers in the same position for it to be a real comparison.

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